Lot 762 2016 Barolo DOCG
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Lot 762 | 2016 Piemonte


Exceptional small-lot Barolo DOCG at an incredible price!


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My bottle came in a club shipment. I wanted to share a nicer bottle of wine with friends who have been to Italy twice. I was very disappointed. It just didn't live up to the other reviews I read. Thought the finish was pretty uninspiring.


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Absolute loved this! More the modern style of Barolo and worth every penny! In a perfect world; I would buy cases of this!


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A New Delight

Not always a fan of Italian wines, so this was a delightful surprise. Flavors more subtle than big California reds, which is a nice change. Will definitely order more Barolos in the future. Please keep them coming.


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Brilliant Barolo

We enjoyed this bottle with friends. Most of us have never tasted a barolo and we all agreed this is a wonderful wine.


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Very good

We really enjoyed this wine. Very bold and delicious.


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Bright acidity, glorious, non overwhelming tannins, accompanied by harmonious flavors of bing cherry and cranberry. Absolute gem that is only going to get better and better. Wish I bought a case.


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On the lighter side

As others have noted, this Barolo is a significantly lighter and not as full bodied as many great Barolos I have had in the past. Then again, the price tag is much lower.


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Get this from CH, not the "21" Club.

This is a spectacular wine that in a restaurant would command at least a $75-100 price (at the old "21" in NYC, Barolos ran from $120 to $600 a bottle).


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First sniff: Surprisingly smoky. Feel: Also surprisingly rich, bold, but no sign of tannin, except for the mouth-filling richness. So glad I had the patience to wait before opening. Much more dark fruit than is usually noted in Nebbiolo, with a mouth-feel that won't quit. I almost hated to swallow! May have tasted thyme if I concentrated. Definitely has some good herbal quality. A beautiful wine. Great with roast lamb.


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Light Barolo

Very dry and light to medium Barolo with a nice bouquet. It taste light for a Barolo , more like a Chianti. Was expecting more from this wine.