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Lot 762 2016 Barolo DOCG

Lot 762 | 2016 Piemonte


Exceptional small-lot Barolo DOCG at an incredible price!


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Cam Confidential


23 Reviews Total


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Gorgeous nose. Drinking nicely now. We enjoyed it with fennel-rosemary duck breast. Long, leather-fruit dry finish. Really great.


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First time trying

First time trying a Barolo and was pleasantly surprised


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A light but tolerable Barolo

This wine starts off very dry but it’s flavors immediately change your concern. The lightness of the wine is seen in the pour and then if you are more of a medium to heavy bodied wine drinker you are a bit taken that it feels more like a Pino Noir. Not a primary wine but a distant backup.


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Nice surprise!

I had never had a Baraolo before and was pleasantly surprised. Light and refreshing for a red - would love to have more but too late for that!


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Nice Surprise

Great flavor and took me by surprise because I was expecting more of a fruity flavor but I enjoyed this lighter red.


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Great wine

I've never had a Barolo before--which is too bad because it was so enjoyable. We serve with fresh Mahi and it paired well


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going to hold

Delicious now, maybe better later
I bought a few to see if it improves with time


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Unexpected flavor

I wish there was more to purchase. Interesting and lighter than expected.


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Very nice - more old world please

For context, I am not an Italian wine expert. I generally lean more toward California Cabernet, Bordeaux, and Cote-du-Rhone. Despite my lack on knowledge, I enjoyed Lot 762. I was lighter than a lot of my usual choices, but still really nice. I would have gotten more for an alternative . I hope Cameron and team continue to find more gems outside the US. Always good to learn ....


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I really liked it!

I noticed pretty mixed reviews on this one, but I really enjoyed it! I can actually see both sides of the story, but for me it was a lovely drink! Unfortunately I cannot repeat that - boy did this go fast!