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Lot 752 2019 Gavi

Lot 752 | 2019 Piemonte


A delicious DOCG dry white wine from Italy's Piedmont region that Chablis and Pinot Gris/Grigio drinkers will love.


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Mild Fruit, Versatile Wine

Mild grapefruit, orange, and pear on the nose. Taste is also grapefruit and pear, with a hint of orange and lemon. Low acidity, with a pleasant tang to keep it from being too nondescript. On the finish, grapefruit fades to orange-lemon linger. Good for both sipping alone and drinking with food.


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Extra light

I love the Gavi from a few years back. This 752 had the crisp fruit notes and bold minerality I remember, but I was left wanting something more. It may just need a bit more time to reach its stride and I'm going to get a bottle of two and find out!


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Peach and pear notes. Love this Gavi.


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Crisp white

I prefer the 2018, but the strong peach notes and mineral finish were refreshing and would be great with seafood or a cheese plate.


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Great, As Usual

I really enjoy a great gavi, and this one is extremely good, as all of the prior ones have been.


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good Gavi at a good price

probably $5-7 better than my usual local wineshop Gavi but not quite as interesting. Still nice, and would add to my next order.


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Good Gavi

A quintessential Gavi, good nose, good taste, fine flow. Compares well to $20-25 Piedmontese branded Gavis. Recommended!


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Very Good Value

Nice Gavi....better than others at $20 plus.


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Very Citrusy

So, much tang! Overall, however, it did seem to be a good wine for afternoon drinking on a warm day. Wouldn't order it again, but enjoyed it.


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Great With Fish

High minerality but the pear notes really come through. Have had better Gavi's that I like to drink without pairing but this one is much better with light food. Is great with fish.