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Lot 748 2018 Lake County Cabernet Franc

Lot 748 | 2018 Lake County

Cabernet Franc

An incredible gem from one of our personal favorite producers in Lake County.


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Cam Confidential


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Wow! An amazing value

I LOVE Cabernet Franc, it is actually my favorite varietal. This wine is good now, as it sits it will be so much better!


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Undecided on Cabernet Franc

This was our introduction to Cabernet Franc so we did not have any expectation. We enjoyed the the fruit and vanilla flavors but are not convinced that Cabernet Franc wines will be filling our wine collection. After reading some of the reviews, we do look forward to uncorking our 2nd bottle in a few months, allowing it to breath for a couple hours and giving this wine another chance to wow us.


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Good Cab Franc.


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Fabulous Cab Franc

This one (ideally!) needs an hour or so to fully open up and give you its all, but WOW...loved it after that! Initially, was a bit tight and constrained, but after a bit of time, just wow. Wonderful nose and flavors, becoming more complex and delineated as it opened up. Opened two bottles with a mediterranean chicken thigh recipe that was a wonderful pairing. Have already ordered a couple more cases.....


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Very Good wine

I actually really like this, wasn't sure I would as I typically am not a big cab/franc fan. I definitely get the cherry flavor, which works for me. I'll be ordering more!


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Not so much

Very underwhelming for a Franc


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This Cabernet Franc is bold! I was not expecting such a full body from this wine and I was pleasantly surprised. Let it breathe for at least an hour , probably two if you want to get full experience of this gem.


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What a great tasting red

Lot 748 is a great departure from most of the red offerings from CHWINE. On the pour - Lot 748 is a translucent medium to deep garnet color. On the nose - strawberry and raspberry jam with hints of leather and vanilla. On the palate. Lot 748 has a balance of medium acidity and tannin with medium body and a medium to long finish. This could be one of the best pairing reds with almost all foods. I definitely will order more. This is a great tasting red.


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very drinkable

I will be getting more of this one. light but good, mineral and fruit notes


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I'm usually not a fan of lighter reds, so my expectations were low before opening it. But, wow, what a great surprise to find a nice palette of flavors, wonderful balance, and very drinkable right after uncorking. It was a hit with a meal of cilantro seared chicken.