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Lot 747 2019 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Lot 747 | 2019 Russian River Valley

Pinot Noir

One of the best deals on Russian River Pinot you'll find just about anywhere.


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Cam Confidential


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Fruity Pinot

Saved the Pinot for last since I don't usually order Pinots. It turned out to be very flavorful with tastes of lighter fruits such as strawberries & pears. It paired very well with the cioppino by not overpowering the food flavors. It has a very smooth finish. A very nice lighter wine.


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People! Sandy. Loams.

Ok - I had to google "loams." But, we had this wine on a random Thurs and it was good! Some cherry? Si. Is that some subtle oak? Yep. Is that some medium body? Yeah... I could be convinced. But, I'll say this: if you're looking for a good pinot that will impress your partner (in my case, my lovely wife) and let them know that you listen to the things they like and the impact their vision adds to the house (even though it was your and your dog's happy bachelor pad before they decided to move in), then give this a try. And... good luck.


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Cherry on Top!

We don't usually lean toward Pinots, but were pleasantly surprised by this one! We opted to decant, then sip at room temperature before dinner. We see how this could be just as tasty slightly chilled, but we enjoyed the super-cherry / strawberry / cranberry flavors as is. It starts off tart, but definitely smooths out, and gets more silky. Perfect wine for a cool spring evening.


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Excellent Pinot Noir!

Very nice cherry, woody nose. Body is smooth and dense. Tasting reveals a very long finish that evolves. Because of its density, a glass/bottle goes a long way. You just want to savor it. And yes, I reordered some more. A great value! I hope they don't run out.


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We'll Stick to other Reds

We've tried several of Cam's Pinot's over the years. This is a good wine, but from now on, we'll stick to the other reds he offers. Just a personal taste preference.


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Lovely pinot for the price. Expressive red fruits with a hint of cola. Does well with a small chill and a decant, already a re-order for us!


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love RRV!

This pinot is in the sweet spot for me - great flavor and at a great price point.

First, I should state that I a) love most things from RRV; and b) I think CA pinots are better values dollar for dollar that OR/WA pinots. CA pinots are usually a bit more ripe and have a bit more strawberry versus cherry that you find in WA pinots. This wine hit all the check points for me - hints of strawberry, not too extracted / ripe, some backbone / acidity, some nice barrel hints, some minerality, and just plain delicious (like the sweet dessert you have to go back for to get just one more bite).

I heavily prefer cabs and Syrah to P/N's, and in the last 20 years, pinot interest and therefore pricing has sent P/N's outside my personal price/value - ie its tough to find value Pinots. This wine is really tasty and at a great QPR. I ordered more...


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Great value - tasty Pinot

Light but lingering, well-integrated acid and alcohol, enough fruit to carry it. This was great. Well done CH Wines!


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Great Pinot at under $20

I like this wine a lot - I was surprised. My wife is the Pinot drinker and has become partial to a small vineyard that only does Pinots at $50 bucks a bottle. I snuck this into the rotation last Friday and on a blind basis she commented that it was a great bottle of wine. It's light and drinkable - a great summer afternoon wine


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Very Good to Excellent

Nose has a lot of light fruit, cherries and strawberries.
Smooth mouth feel
Hints of fruit, cranberries, pear,
Under tones of crushed rock, earth, with pepper and spice and mineral finish
Finish is medium length with tight tannins

Best with food
A solid performer
A go to wine for all but the heaviest foods.