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Lot 743 2019 Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Lot 743 | 2019 Russian River Valley

Sauvignon Blanc

A refined, elegant Russian River Valley beauty that's a dead ringer for upper-tier White Bordeaux.


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Cam Confidential


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Great SB.


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Very good with food

I’m not a big Sauv Blanc fan, so maybe doubly noteworthy that this wine went beautifully with a manchego cheese and strawberry appetizer, and the acidity became a wonderful soft compliment to homemade (real) cream of mushroom soup.


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Light and delicious

Great for Beach or boat picnic. Crisp and light.


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Second favorite Sauv Blanc from CH

Really nice Sauv Blanc that will be a great staple during the Spring/Summer months. Also definitely recommend the Yountville Sauv Blanc - delicious!


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Good value

Great SB. Nice light and crisp.


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This is a nice SB at a reasonable price point. Dry, crisp and refreshing. Goes excellent with a variety of white fishes. Could be a solid choice as a daily white for you Sauv Blanc fans.


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balanced SB

very nice SB - more subtle than the myriad of New Zealand offerings on the liquor store shelves. Citrus is there, but does not cause you to pucker upon swallowing. Very enjoyable - will buy more


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Sensational for Summer

This will be a treat when temperatures are warmer. A lovely wine.


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Just an outstanding value...

Our last three mixed cases have included at least 2-3 bottles of Lot 743. It has become our favorite everyday white from CH and we will be sad when it is finally sold out.


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Will definitely order again!