Lot 742 2019 Languedoc Red Blend
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Lot 742 | 2019 Languedoc

Red Blend

A classically French red wine dominated by terroir - the 2019 vintage of our best-selling Lot 681.


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Good food wine

We like French wines and this one is no exception.


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Disappointed in this one

It wasn't bad, it was just OK, which is unusual for a C.H. wine. A little harsh and definitely needs to open up. Let it breathe a bit and the finish will be slightly smoother. Good but not great.


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very good

let it open up, much better as time went on


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Glad I tried it

I always wanted to taste a petite Verdot blend. I did not know what to expect, but this wine delivered. It has great flavors, great nose and the mouth feel was very nice. Smooth, but not buttery. I enjoyed every sip and hope another blend like this is offered.


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Dry and classic

When trying any wines other than California's, you'll taste the classic or it'll give the true feeling of how wine used to be. This is definitely dry and speaks of the terroir and its characteristics. Decanting something like this opens up the wine and paired with steak or high fat meats definitely compliments these type of wines.


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good not great

this was a ok wine. i expected more, but won't let it go to waste. not bad but didn't stand out


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Really wanted to like this one

Really wanted to like this one. Been pretty happy with CH wines and been loving Languedoc wines for 30 years; a real bargain so went ahead and bought a case.

Still, I was surprised how simple and uncomplex this one was. Nice fragrance and dark purple color, but not much structure, fruit, or deep flavor. I always let shipped wines lay still for 2 weeks before opening. Very tight out of the bottle (I've now tried three), but decanting for over an hour doesn't really change much. I guess I was too optimistic, but still disappointed.

Based on what I've seen in these reviews, maybe I'll let a few age for a year and hope to be pleasantly surprised.


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Nice change!

Certainly benefits from a good decant ... but a good, dry wine and a nice change from the typical reds from the CA stock.


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Worth the wait

Takes a bit to open, but well worth the wait. Balanced with teasing flavor blend. Woulda, shoulda, coulda bought more


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Earthy Blend

Tight and earthy right out of the bottle but opened and softened really nice with air. I prefer more fruit but really nice for the price point!