Lot 738 Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG

Lot 738 | Non-Vintage Italy


A perfect DOCG sparkling wine from Italy's best Prosecco growing region.


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Amazing - Best Prosecco I have ever had

Not a champagne nor a Prosecco fan however this one is true amazing. Have purchased 2 cases and would highly recommend. Great balance flavor profile and nuance that I did not expect. Prefer mixing as a mimosa either with orange juice or cranberry. Exited to experiment with pear as a pear type wine. Whether solo or combined a great choice you can’t go wrong with


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Great Prosecco!!!


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Good Stuff

I agree with all the other top reviews


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Too Sweet

Cam's notes state "A brut-styled spumante". This is more spumante than brut. The label states Extra Dry, with which I agree. This is a very good Prosecco, but I prefer more brut.


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Delightful Prosecco

I wish a had ordered more than 3 bottles of this Prosecco and likely will order a case today. It is light, dry, and delicious. Possibly my favorite Prosecco ever.


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This is an outstanding prosecco. My daughter in general likes the sweeter varieties, while I prefer the dry ones, but we were unanimous on this one. It is full of flavors with bright bubbles. We are definitely ordering a case of it.


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Prosecco Superiore

Now we know how great Prosecco can be. As with other national or regional versions of sparkling wine such as Cava and Crémant, the cheap imports often found on the shelves have given Prosecco something of a bad name. The Italian label affixed to the CH bottle, DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene - Prosecco Superiore, offers a hint to the pleasures inside.

The straw-color and tight bubbles lived up to the description and the tasting experience even exceeded our expectations. We invited friends who are sparkling wine aficionados to share the first bottle of the case we bought. Their verdict? "Best Prosecco I've ever tasted."

We agree. This wine is worthy of celebrations but affordable enough to drink any day. It makes a great aperitif, and our sparkling wine stopper enables us to sip it across three nights, making every evening a special occasion while testing our willpower.

Highly recommended!


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Great wine, excellent value


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Best prosecco I’ve ever had

I’ve only had grocery store proseccos and I didn’t think I really liked prosecco. This changes everything! Fine bubbles, dry, a little acidic, tastes like green apples and leaves a long lasting honey taste in your mouth.

If you like sweeter wines this one isn’t for you but if you like dry sparklers with lots of flavors this will knock your socks off! Glad I ordered a few bottles....