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Lot 737 2018 Sierra Foothills Meritage

Lot 737 | 2018 Sierra Foothills


A rich, vibrant Bordelaise blend with a terrific sense of place.


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Cam Confidential


116 Reviews Total


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very good buy

This is a very good buy , a very flavorful wine .


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A little different kind of blend but very nice balaance

A little light for my taste but good value.


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Stands on its own

A very good Meritage. Lighter and a bit fruity. Wonderful nose. Not complicated. We enjoyed this with cheese and crackers and then a ginger cake with ice cream. Would probably work well paired with a pork tenderloin. Also, did not require a lot of air time - was pretty good on opening and better as time went on. Another winner!


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Very nice!

Bordeaux style red blends are our favorite so I was worried this might be a bit too light or jammy but was a nice change of pace. Definitely lighter than our usual pick but very enjoyable.
We didn’t decant but it sure opens up nicely as you sip.


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Good every day drink.

Wasn't sure what to expect since Meritage often vary in their blends. This is a really solid red wine at a very good price.


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Current favorite.

This is our current favorite CH offering. Good straight out of the bottle and better with an hour or so decant


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Was curious about the blend...

Having enjoyed (and helped to deplete) the now out of stock Luscious Lot 638 Petite Verdot, I had been intrigued by the blend of Cab Franc (I also love the Lake County Lot 748 CF) with Petite Verdot. Not surprisingly (well, a little bit I must confess!), I enjoyed the Meritage tremendously. Yes, not as viscous and opaque as the PV, but as Cam said in his review, the word was "balanced". Best Value for both top quality components and a unique, gutsy decision to blend them.


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Great value

Really well balanced blend. Not familiar with this mix but I was pleasantly surprised. Great with steak. Definitely had some depth and richness. I’m placing my order for another case.


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Good Blend

We did a side by side comparison with #784 and #737. Because we used our Coravin we did not let it decant or rest - just gave them both a good swirl. We tasted this one first, had an excellent nose. I am a a Cabernet Franc fan and this was a nice, everyday wine. It wasn't outstanding but there was absolutely nothing wrong. We rated the #784 higher so that is what we reordered. If I had not tried them side by side I would have probably reordered this also.


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a good blend

Has good fruit a the beginning trails off very good qpr would order again.