Lot 737 2018 Sierra Foothills Meritage

Lot 737 | 2018 Sierra Foothills


A rich, vibrant Bordelaise blend with a terrific sense of place.


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Cam Confidential


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Couldn't put it down

This Meritage from Sierra Foothills is exactly what I was hoping for. I did not decant and just filled my glass to enjoy over time. Love the way it opened up and changed with each sip.


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A bit jammy, but subtle flavors emerge on the palate. Good now; probably excellent if laid down a while.

Deep ruby color. Jammy--perhaps too much so-- on first tasting; then more subtle flavors emerge. Oakiness and more astringent. Enjoyed it on its own and with Beyond Burgers. I rated it a great value on the presumption that had I not been impatient to open the bottle and allowed it to age for another year or two it would have been better still.


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Good blend!

Will lay the rest up and try again later.


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Burst of flavors

The color is a dark, deep inky-red. Since I did not have time to decant it, I poured it though an air rater. The first impression was a stunner. A burst of flavors in my mouth, dark berries mostly. I could not tell right away whether this wine was rich and complex or just overwhelming like a hit with a sledge hammer. My husband enjoyed it.


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Couldn't Resist

Wanted to wait on this but had to get into one. It was terrific right out of the gate. Great value there. If it improves over time, then I suspect a 5 star bottle (dollar weighted). Had it with a variety of restaurant take-out, but I suspect it would be very pleasing with any hearty meal, cheeses, stand-alone too.


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Meritage yes

Never disappointed with a Meritage. Nice with or without a meal


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I am not a wine expert, so wasn't sure what to expect from Meritage, but this wine was excellent. I've come to realize that wines from Sierra Foothills seem to be balanced without acidity! I love this and will def get again!


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Great Value Blend

As great winemakers showcase their blends more and more, we've come to really appreciate them. This blend is an excellent example. We're going to follow the advice offered in other reviews and give the next bottle a lot of time to open up.


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Too good to keep in the cellar

We drink this pretty fast . I don't think I will keep too much for very long. Nice blend and the price is right


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Outstanding flavor.

As promised by CH, this is a delightful meritage, with beautiful fruity flavors, and lasting finish. Wonderful with any food, but especially a hearty meat pasta.