Lot 735 2018 Santa Barbara Cabernet Sauvignon

Lot 735 | 2018 Santa Barbara

Cabernet Sauvignon

One of the best Cabernet values of the year!


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Cam Confidential


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A Lighter Cab

It will not explode out of the glass. That is a good thing. The wood and red berries are there. The tannins a silky, not overpowering. It has a great aftertaste and is is very easy to drink.


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Not a fruit bomb

Not a super fruity cab, but a wonderful companion to food. I know that some prefer big style , but I prefer a wine that compliments rather than overwhelms the food.


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The (Slightly) Bold and The Beautiful

Huge fan of this cab. Great dollar value. I think it is 100% best to let it breath for a bit, it smoothes out, and becomes silky and delicious.


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Great value

Great value for the wine. I prefer to breath for at least one hour in a decanter. This is not an extremely bold cab but definitely enjoyable.


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A Lighter Cab?

Having gotten used to the full-bodied, rich cabs that Cam has been sending, I found this to be a little on the light side, hence the somewhat lower rating. I find myself again agreeing with Karen below, who also seems to like to save some wine for the dessert course... I especially like the full-bodied rich cabs with chocolate - cake and/or (most often "and"!) ice cream. This was OK - it was decent wine after all, but not as enjoyable as other cabs we've had from Cam. We did save a bit for a second night, but unlike Karen's experience, it did not improve that much. As I said, it is pretty good, especially compared to what we had been drinking prior to our experience with CH Wine. But did not think it was as good as others we've had from Cam, even those around the same price range.


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Great for the Price

Cameron does cab right


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Decent cab for the price

A little too light for my taste but decent for the price.


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Good Cab

For the price this is a good bottle of "weekday" wine.


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not bad

Ok for the money! I prefer the bigger bolder cabs!


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Excellent Value

Excellent wine for the price!