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Lot 733 2018 Sierra Foothills Petite Sirah
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Lot 733 | 2018 Sierra Foothills

Petite Sirah

Our only Petite Sirah release of the year - a rich, bold gem from the Sierra Foothills!


(70 Reviews)

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Cam Confidential


70 Reviews Total


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Red explosion!

Red fruit all day, coffee background. Excellent.


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For my particular tastes (and I emphasize here that I, of course, realize how infinitely different all of our preferences and experiences are), this is the first P.S. out of the last 3 P.S. offerings to finally have that more viscous, inky, teeth-staining quality of dark, black and blue fruit (not a bomb or sweet or anything of the sort). IMHO an enjoyable, highly quaffable, wonderfully vinified representative of great VALue P.S. I'm going to try the Charbono next. Thanks Cam.


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Nice with Barbecue

This paired really well with some smoked pork. It's pretty big & quite heavy on the tannins. Maybe I should have waited a couple years to let this one mellow out a bit.


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Snooze you lose... Loved this Petite Sirah. We should have read the first line in the description, "Our only Petite Sirah release of the year ".


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Great lighter alternative to cab sav

I like syrah's as a nice diversion from the usual cab sav. This one is an excellent example. Lighter than a cab, but still a good taste of fruit and a decent body. Sorry tp see it is out of stock, and hope it comes back.


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Kind of linked it

It is almost too fruity for me. I have drank all, but one bottle which I am saving to have with my son to get his thoughts on this one. We both like a cab most, so that may be the issue.


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Very nice.


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Great value

Very enjoyable Petite Sirah. High alcohol content but pleasant to drink.


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Another Winner!!!

We can see why this wine is a double gold medal winner. It is an amazing everyday wine at a great value. Experience tells me to order more wine upfront because if you wait, the really good ones are gone. Thank you Cameron Hughes.


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Should have bought more

I see this is gone, already - that happens quite a bit, need to remember to buy more of good everyday values like this!