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Lot 729 2018 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Lot 729 | 2018 Russian River Valley

Pinot Noir

Gold Medal & 92pts, 2020 Sommelier Challenge; One of the best deals on Russian River Pinot you'll find just about anywhere.


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Cam Confidential


62 Reviews Total


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Great value

Wonderful value pinot


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Very nice Pinot

This is a very food-friendly wine and an outstanding value.


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Excellent value pinot noir

A very nice surprise at this price point. A good fruit, and something I'd happily serve company in a pinch.


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Light pinot

Pinot usually have a distinct taste that you live but this one is on the light side. Drinkable but missing the aroma one expects.


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Somewhat robust Pino

Pino's for me are too light in terms of appreciating red wine however this particular one had an interesting aroma which immediately made itself known as it hit the palate. Definitely worth having in your wine inventory as an in between filler.


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Great Sipping Wine

Great value at this price. Enjoyed the wine. Very good sipping wine.


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Nice Pinot Noir

I enjoyed this wine - a little light but nice flavor. I like the cherry flavor.


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Luscious velvety juice

This Pinot Noir has a great mouth feel. It’s not pretentious but fills your mouth with great taste. Like most Pinot Noirs it’s not too complex with mild tannins. However, when drinking it your tongue throws a party for your mouth.


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Light in flavor

Very light, not quite as much depth as other CH Pinot Noirs that we love. Overall, very good for the price though.


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Nice, easy drinker

I found this to be more subtle than typical Russian River pinots, but I was fine with that. A little cherry on the nose and an earthy finish.