Lot 728 2018 Yountville Sauvignon Blanc

Lot 728 | 2018 Yountville

Sauvignon Blanc

One of the best Sauvignon Blancs we've ever released, made in a European style by a top-notch Napa Valley producer.


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Great find

We really enjoy this Sauv Blanc. I took a chance and ordered a full case and I am glad I did. Muted fruit but still very refreshing, especially on warm summer evenings.


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Perfect for Summer

This Sav is your perfect BBQ or patio companion. It's not as acidic as a lot of Sav B's, much smoother and crisp - fantastic ice-cold with any summer meal!


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A Chard in Sauvi Clothing

This one is interesting, I think the oak tricks some into thinking this is a Chard instead of a Sauvi for those more used to the Marlboro style. A nice balance of fruit and acidity in this make it a perfect pairing with appetizers for a happy hour in the sun!


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This is a great tasting savignon blanc

I like a dry but fruity savignon blanc and this passes the test


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Top Notch

I am always glad to see a nice Sauvignon Blanc from CH so we did a trial purchase. Nice herbaceous notes on the palate with good acidity. Plush mouthfeel and long finish. We will order more.


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Surprised Me

Really tasty but for whatever reason was getting a buttery Chardonnay like feel to it but I did enjoy it. Usually have the Marlboro type sauvs so this was different for sure


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This is an oaked Sauv Blanc

This Sauvignon Blanc is in a lightly oaked style similar to the "Fume' Blanc" style Mondavi popularized. While there is nothing wrong with that style, it was not noted in any of the text advertisements and certainly is not a Loire Valley style that we are familiar with. Since we prefer the crisper grassy and citrus styles of Sauv Blanc, both my wife and I chose not to drink any more of the wine beyond our first couple of tastes. I can see how it would appeal to those who like Chardonnay or who are adverse to the intense grapefruity/citrus styles.


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Very Good Value

Nice wine, more old world than new ....a good thing. Much like a Sancerre with a touch more fruit.


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best SB i've had

my wifes favorite, i usually dont like Sauvignon Blancs, too much grapefruit overtones, this one did not,i'll reorder


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Perfect Sauvignon Blanc!! Dry and refreshing but not too acidic. Love it! And will definitely buy again.