Lot 721 2018 Plan de Dieu Red Wine
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Lot 721 | 2018 Côtes du Rhône

Red Blend

A big and bold red from one of the lesser-known regions in the Southern Rhône.


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Cam Confidential


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I’ve found these bottles need to decant a little longer than their American cousins. While this wine doesn’t necessarily take me back to my French vacation, it does have all the qualities.


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Very nice! Wish I would have bought more.


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Cameron is right. This is triple dry, very smooth with a mild flavor.


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Classic Côtes du Rhône

Very dry wine. Citrus and tropical fruits on the nose, initially. Tastes of red fruit! Very good!


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I’m glad I bought two!

This is everything that Cam said in the video - great nose, wonderful full flavored fruit yet nice and dry to the finish. We had it with lasagne. But I’m going to let the second bottle stay on the rack for a couple of years. Maybe we’ll get another vintage.


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Wonderfully dry with red fruit, citrus and meaty quality all beautifully balanced


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Needs time

I drank mine within a few days of receiving it. I should have waited longer and opened it a year or two from now.


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Simply delicious

Enjoyed this with dinner after "happy hour" with the Lot 720 Rose. Great food wine, simple but enjoyable.


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Really Liked It!

This red wine was a nice surprise, needed to decant for awhile and it was very enjoyable.


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Decent, but not a standout

I would call it smooth but not overpowering. Not bad for the price, but not too much nuance.