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Lot 719 2018 Méditerranée Rosé

Lot 719 | 2018 Méditerranée


Our first French rosé release in almost a decade! A light, elegant offering from the Méditérranée coast of Provence - perfect for all-day sipping.


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Cam Confidential


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Loved this one! Not too sweet, crisp and clean!


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Hey Hey, A Charming Rose

Ok, if the basis for comparison is Beringer's White Zinfandel (and sadly we must all confess our sins of having tried the famous BWZ at least once), this is amazing. Unlike many Roses, there is some complexity here, and a touch of depth and dryness to go with the sweet. Kind of like a Savingnon Blanc as opposed to a Pinot Grigio. In the summer, on the beach, I could drink this all day long. A very very nice Rose, and for the typical super reasonable CH price, you would be hard pressed to find better.


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All day Rose

Talk about a great all day rose wine! Perfect blend of light without being too sweet!! A must try!!


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Pleasant Rose'

An enjoyable, pleasant Rose'; strawberry on the opening, with definite minerality and a bit of edginess on the finish. I don't normally drink a Rose' in winter, but this worked well with an afternoon snack of olives and veggies, and even with fish for dinner.


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Enjoyable rose

At this price point, it's a very good rose. The classic blend of grapes made in the typical Provencal style. It's a little more substantial than similar priced offerings, with a nice color and mineral finish. Good notes of strawberry and green apple, to my palate. We have purchased this before and may again if still available.


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Nice wine

I found this wine to be flavorful and enjoyable, but just slightly off-dry and a little low on acid & mineral flavors for a French rose. Still enjoyable, especially for the price.


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Nice rose, especially for the price

The video says that this wine is a great summer sipper, but paired with a good pizza it works even in the middle of the winter! Lots of strawberry with a hint of tartness like green apple, this was very similar to roses from nearby Provence. This wine was just a lot of fun to drink.


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This wine is flat and bordering on tasteless. It costs considerably more than it is worth. I would not buy this again.


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light, nice, but a touch sweet for me

Title says it. Very nice rose. My usual favorite region and grapes. Light salmon color, nice fruit, but just a bit sweet for me. Others in this order more to my taste.


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Crisp Sweet Rose

This one is definitely a summer wine for those who are not fond of white wines. I paired this with some meaty salmon, baked potatoes and steamed veggies and it tasted great. However, it is a bit on the sweet side which some folks may not prefer. But if you are laying by the pool side on a warm summer afternoon, this wine won't disappoint. I suggest some cheese and crackers to go with it. CH Wine could help themselves by offering this Rose at a lower price though.