Lot 717 2015 Super Tuscan

Lot 717 | 2015 Tuscany

Super Tuscan

A drop-dead-gorgeous Italian red blend for a third of the going rate - simply outstanding.


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Cam Confidential


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aged to perfection: smooth and silky

1st bottle opened i didn't like. too young and acidic. but i knew when aged this is gonna be a zinnger. 6 months later, oct 2020 opened a bottle and smooth, tasty up front and finish begs another sip. And its getting better by the day. glad i bot a case. I can't remember an italian red i didn't like. Go Italian reds!


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Great wine and Value

I was too late to buy the first offering so I made sure I didn't miss out when some more inventory was found. So happy I did. It is another example of Cam finding a jewel at very good price.


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Absolutely delicious!

It was an amazing blend for the price last year. Smooth dark fruit, nicely balanced and touch of earthiness is so enjoyable Was bummed when y'all ran out. Excited to see it back, just ordered another case.


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Very nice

Love this Italian red wine. Very good with pasta!


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Good, not great

I think this bottle could use a little time on the shelf. It was a little thin and chalky...but I really did enjoy it.


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A great all around wine.

Enjoyed with steak or simpler, cheese and crackers.


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We enjoyed this Super Tuscan very much. It is so smooth. Can’t wait to open another one.


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Love it!

I am a Super Tuscan fan as well as the Chianti’s. This wine did not disappoint . Bold enough, fruit forward and perfect dryness on the back. A must buy.


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Nicest wine we ordered this year.

Wonderful scent when opened and stays very nicely while drinking. Wife & I didn't drink it with food but it was a very, very fine drink on it's own. Delighted we had ordered a case.


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Pretty-Pretty-Pretty Good!

I was happy to be able to purchase a “Super Tuscan”. I must admit, because of all the other “S-T” we’ve seen, we thought they would be out of our price range. Low and behold Cam comes up with this beauty. Second batch of this wine was my chance to dive into an “S-T” pool. Bought a case without hesitation. First bottle was good but not great. With our excitement peaked we were looking for a “wow” experience.
After reading some of the other reviews, we decided to decant a bottle for 2-3 hours before dinner which was just what it needed. Giving the wine time to breathe was just what it needed. We don’t have a “Corvain” so my waiter’s corkscrew had to do. So to wrap this up, we were happy with this Super Tuscan but a little underwhelmed by its lack of Boldness and body.