Lot 715 2018 Anderson Valley White Blend

Lot 715 | 2018 Anderson Valley

White Blend

A Gold Medal & 90+ wine under its original label, this is a rare white blend offering that's sure to please.


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Cam Confidential


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Double Down on This

Spring coming, double down on this one. Super elegant, silk smooth, great chilled bouquet. Fun blend, fun glass at the price.


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No complaints

I had no with taste like other reviewers, although the wine is on the lighter side, I did get the crisp apple notes. Probably a better summer time / warmer climate wine.


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Just okay

I found this blend to be fairly bland. I couldn't really discern any notes from either of the varietals, and it was lacking in acidity. Not my favorite.


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Nice blend

I enjoyed this wine, it was light and not too sweet.


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Bland blend

My wife and I were not fans of this one. We found it very bland. We could barely taste the notes of the Gewurtztraminer and didn’t get any sweetness from the Muscat.


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big fan of white blends

we really enjoy white blends, which are not a common offering on CH. unfortunately, lots of us enjoyed this one and it is no longer available.


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Nice White Blend

Do not be afraid of blends. Give the winemaker a chance to create. You will not be disappointed with this one. It is not at all sweet, but tart. There is plenty of citrus. It is an easy drinker.


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Thankful for having for Thanksgiving

We tried this for our Thanksgiving dinner pairing, Both my wife and I loved it.
Very lucky to have been able to purchase 6 more bottles before it sold out.


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Great Blend Great Value

Had this at a friend's house recently. So nice, refreshing, flavor really come alive. Great blend and a great value at Cyber prices. I ordered a bunch. Get it before its gone!

H John

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Light Bright White

This was so light, crisp and not at all too sweet. In fact, lemon and green apple were the most prominent flavors. We had it with Thai food and it was very good.