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Our second ever Gavi release, this is a delicious DOCG dry white wine from Italy's Piedmont region that Chablis and Pinot Gris/Grigio drinkers will love.


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Like Apples? Love This!

Has the aroma of crisp fall apples, with an initial taste of semi tartness. Perfect for a fall afternoon by the campfire.


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A crisp but very tart wine.

Definitely a crisp white wine. The lime is a little too overbearing for my tastes. I found it pretty tart and although it is a refreshing glass of wine, it needs just a bit more balance for me between the tart and some fruitiness. My husband greatly enjoyed it though!


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A nice alternative to the usual whites

This is a dry and fresh-tasting white wine. There is minerality to this wine and the taste of lime stone. It is not very fruity with aromas of not quite ripe green fruits such as green apples, kiwi or white grapes. It is a pleasant and interesting alternative to the usual whites.


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Pleasantly Surprised

I had never had this type of wine before. It was light and crisp. I still prefer a sauv blanc but still really enjoyed trying something new!


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Nice mellow wine.


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Super Tart

This was light and crips but very tart, a bit too much for my taste. Glad I tried it though and it’s a great price point!


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Pleasant, Mellow Sipping Wine

Mild pineapple and peach with lime and grass overtones on the nose. Peach and pear with hints of pineapple, lime, and grass on the taste. The finish is juicy peach and pear with a grass and mineral linger. A veritable fruit salad with a little backbone. making it a very pleasant, mellow sipping wine.


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Nice Gavi sipper.

This is another excellent alternative white wine. Nice citrus and other quiet fruit flavors. Really different with different foods we tried with this. Very comparable to much more expensive versions.


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Surprised, very smooth, dry & enjoyable.


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Wonderful Gavi

Many are unfamiliar with Gavi, but it is my favorite wine. This Gavi is my absolute favorite......crisp, dry and utterly enjoyable.