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Lot 709 2018 Gavi

Lot 709 | 2018 Piemonte


Our second ever Gavi release, this is a delicious DOCG dry white wine from Italy's Piedmont region that Chablis and Pinot Gris/Grigio drinkers will love.


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Cam Confidential


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Nice Gavi sipper.

This is another excellent alternative white wine. Nice citrus and other quiet fruit flavors. Really different with different foods we tried with this. Very comparable to much more expensive versions.


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Surprised, very smooth, dry & enjoyable.


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Wonderful Gavi

Many are unfamiliar with Gavi, but it is my favorite wine. This Gavi is my absolute favorite......crisp, dry and utterly enjoyable.


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Simple and wonderful

Crisp and clean with wonderful, balanced flavors of lemon, this white wine is brilliant.


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Porch Pounder

One family member wants to open a Sauvi B, the other would prefer a Chardonnay...serve them this crisp flavor bomb and everyone will be happy! This is what my friends and family refer to as a “porch pounder”, a fruit forward, clean, white with a nice dry finish that’s perfect for any sunny day!


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my first Gavi (today is the first time trying albarino and the Gavi). both are very interesting and refreshing. something different from the usual suspects! everyone should def venture out and try different varietals.


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Gavi as Gavi should be

An excellent example of what Gavi should be. Plus great value. Too few Americans know this wonderful wine. Hope that someday you'll do a Gavi di Gavi too! Thanks, Cam!


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Light but present

Nicely balanced with a crisp, dry finish. I had never tried Gavi until CH's first lot, and I like this wine better than most Italian pinot grigios, which seem to be just a step above lemon water. The Gavi offers a bit more personality, and will assert its place at the summer table.


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Limey-Just not for me

I love lime, but this Gavi seems to be a one note flavor. Too much lime in this wine for my taste.


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Lots of flavor

Dry but lots of flavor. Enjoyed it.