Lot 708 2018 Atlas Peak Sauvignon Blanc

Lot 708 | 2018 Atlas Peak

Sauvignon Blanc

Apex quality Sauvignon Blanc produced by some of the top winemaking talent in Napa Valley - only 300 cases available!


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Cam Confidential


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Enjoyed it greatly

I enjoyed this wine All Sunday afternoon running right up through baked fish and green leaf salad for dinner. It was a pleasant bottle but I must say the fruitful flavor ( grapefruit ) popped for me as the bottle opened and the sweat beads on the bottle dried. I'm strange in the fact that I like my whites warmer than most even so I think this wine has a lot to offer every taster at the table . I'd be pleased to see it again and again this Spring .


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Nice minerality

The defining characteristic of this bottle is its minerality, especially if you are used to New Zeland Sav Blanc. I really enjoyed it, and it went quickly. I wish I had bought more. It would be a great summer porch rocker.


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This Sauv Blanc is filled w straw and grapefruit, a delightful chalky tang on the tongue, crumbled rock on the nose.


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Nice wine

This is much lighter than I expected being a Napa sauvignon blanc, but it is nevertheless a really nice wine. Very clean, with some mineral notes, and really easy to drink.


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Excellent Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is my wife’s go to white wine while I typically enjoy whites from the Loire Valley or Northern Spain. As a result we don’t purchase a lot of whites from C. H. Made an exception here and glad we did. Truly an outstanding wine with the introductory price right at what we typically spend on a S B.


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I feel guilty

What great value. Everything others have said. Glad I bought a case. Will soon regret I didn't buy two.


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Highly recommended!

Was drawn to the nuanced flavor profile in the wine description and the extreme value... was curious about getting the $75 sauv blanc experience for $15. Very pleased with the minerality and long-lasting finish. Paired nicely with pesto chicken & roasted root vegetables - enough acidity in the wine to cut through oil/garlic on the plate. Highly recommended!


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A Great Sauvignon Blanc

This is one of the best sauvignon blanc wines I have ever tried. My wife and I love it. We bought a case when it was first offered and have now ordered more.


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Excellent !!!

The wine is SO good I ordered some more LoL


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Solid and drinkable

Great wine at a great price. Totally worth it!