Lot 707 2017 Mendocino County Merlot
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Lot 707 | 2017 Mendocino


A super small-lot Merlot that's one of the best we've come across over the past few years.


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Cam Confidential


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Great Merlot

Absolutely great Merlot. Glad I bought a case.


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My Favorite!

Got a box of about 6 wines to try it out. This one was my favorite! I wish I could have gotten more before it sold out! Full bodied with not to much tart flavor. Full bodied and rich but not to tannic.


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Nicely done, CH Wine

Ah, another bit of good advice from Cam. A deep Merlot; not too fruity and a fine deal. But already sold out!


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Rich and oaky

I love this merlot - so full bodied and love the hint of oak. I am so glad I ordered a case!


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Outstanding wish there was more

One of the best merlots in a long time. Definitely needs to sit and open up for about 30 minutes but then WOW! Amazing rich smooth full of berry and plum. Definitely a wine you savor slowly and huge enjoyment. Would buy more if I could


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Very good, but I'm not a fan of oakiness


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So plush and rich

This merlot is one of my favorites. Rich, plush and great notes of oak. So glad I picked up and extra case before it was all gone.


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Rather austere now but patience is a virtue

Had a bottle a week ago and it was enjoyable but not memorable. Something told me that I was not getting the whole picture. Now after another bottle I believe this one needs some time. As it sometimes happens the tannins are just too youthful and shouting. The fruit is there but staying back contemplating when to stand up and display. I believe the opportunity will come. I don't know if this one needs 2 years or 6 years but I suspect 5-10 might be on the mark. I look forward to trying this one again.


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Good Choice!

It was a delightful drink - well bodied and just nice!


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I wish I'd been able to order more

What a wonderful potential this wine has!
I'm not sure how I got this... maybe it came in the case club shipment. Anyway, we opened it a couple of nights ago and found it to be an amazing wine.
It's quite young and fragmented right now but will be so wonderful in a few years.
On initial opening, the nose reveals distinctly separate black fruits and heavy oak. On the palate there's a lot of dark fruit initially which moves rapidly to oak. The finish is long with dark baking spices, blackberries, and dry tannins again without any integration.

I would love to have been able to purchase more and taste this in a year, when I expect the flavors with have integrated some. In three years this will be wonderful. I imagine it will be amazing in 5 years.