Lot 707 2017 Mendocino County Merlot
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Lot 707 | 2017 Mendocino


A super small-lot Merlot that's one of the best we've come across over the past few years.


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Cam Confidential


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Another Fine Merlot

641 got us back into Merlots and we were delighted to see this one in the Holiday shipment. Let it rest a few months...until it was sold out, unfortunately. It does need more time in the bottle, but already was a richly satisfying experience.


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Agree with Richard! Merlot as good as this would change a lot of minds

We drink very little merlot other than in blends. Perhaps because most is not as lovely, structured, complex as this one.

David Mac

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Came here for the 707

I agree there's a time and a place for merlot, but I could drink this one every day. Picked up half a case earlier and I'm back for more!


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Merlots are not dead!

This was a really good Merlot. Was fruity enough for our tastes and as many have said, I wish it wasn't sold out!


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Terrific Merlot

A great Merlot with an inviting nose.Full body, dry and notes of cinnamon and pepper.
Sorry to see this is out of stock.


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Awesome Merlot!

Great wine through the Wine Club! Dry and complex- not your everyday Merlot. Sorry to see that this is out of stock as I would've loved to have purchased more of this one.


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Love this varietal

Merlot is under appreciated


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Why Aren't We Drinking More Merlot?

Probably because most of what we try is not as good as this one. I was late to the party and now its all gone. But I look forward to (hopefully) more Merlot lots in the future. in the meantime, I will enjoy this great release!


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Good Wine

Not a huge Merlot fan but enjoyed this one


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Big brother to 641

Quite complex for a Merlot, drinks more like a cab. Lot 641 is not as good, but probably better value. For the price point, lot 671 was a better wine