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Lot 706 2018 Napa Valley Chardonnay

Lot 706 | 2018 Napa Valley


The best deal on Napa Valley Chardonnay in America, sourced from an iconic, legendary producer.


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Cam Confidential


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“Just one bottle is not enough…”

This Lot 706 2018 Chardonnay is perfectly delicious for any summer day. A crisp Chardonnay with an irresistible citrus profile finishing bright and fresh. Napa Valley sure can produce some fine grapes. And at this price, I think I’ll order another case…


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OK, so I was wrong

In my somewhat haughty review of the Rogue Valley chardonnay, I opined that experienced white wine drinkers (such as, of course, myself) were abandoning the heavy, oaky chardonnays in favor of lighter fare. A fellow reviewer even suggested that vintners use oak to conceal low quality. Well, this Napa Valley chardonnay just annihilates my dislike of heavy wines. In wine, at least, one can worship more than one god. My two white wine gods now are the ones from Napa Valley and from Rogue Valley.


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Wonderful Balance

This chardonnay has the hints of butter and oak but doesn't overpower the wonderful citrus flavors.


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Tremendous value

Love this wine. It reminds me why I became a Chardonnay drinker years ago. Stock up on this one!


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Happy Family

Makes my wife happy, and makes my daughter happy - so I'm happy...


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Very Impressed

I love quintessential Napa Valley Chardonnay and prefer a little butter, and oak with my fruit flavors. I typically drink Chard before dinner, so the trend toward unoaked, crisp, dry Chardonnay, although it may be more food friendly, is not my go to. This is a fabulous all around Chard that ticks all the boxes for me, and everyone who's tried it. We ordered two cases. Just hope I have some left after the Holidays!


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Beautifully Balanced

You know you are getting something special when it's from Napa - the real estate is simply too expensive to waste on bad winemaking. Hmmm...I can only guess which "iconic winery" - and there are a few! But know what you like. Some of those Carneros chards are intensely rich. This one hints at that boldness, while also bringing a welcome Burgundian minerality into the mix. In my mind, that makes it pretty much perfect - and I love the price!


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Perfect Pairing

Paired this wine with sushi on a Friday night after a long work week. What a tremendous value and just the perfect pairing. So far the best white I’ve had from Cam!


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Perfect Chard for a Perfect Price

It's really that simple folks. My girlfriend doesn't even like Chard's and she loved this one. Lots of flavor yet not overpowering. Get one and see for yourself.


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Awesome Chard.

Nuff' said!