Lot 706 2018 Napa Valley Chardonnay

Lot 706 | 2018 Napa Valley


The best deal on Napa Valley Chardonnay in America, sourced from an iconic, legendary producer.


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Buttery mouth feel, great flavors all around everyday wine to keep in stock. Went very well with grilled tuna steak.


Very pleasant. Tropical fruits and vanilla. Nice finish.

I rated this wine a good value, but it might be better than that. I don't have sufficient wine experience to know. I enjoyed this wine, though it did not knock me out. It has moderate body and acidity. I thought it was redolent of tropical fruits and a bit of vanilla. It had a long finish, a bit tart--pleasantly so--, especially on the side of the tongue and the back of the throat.


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More Citrus than Oak

Of the three chards we ordered in December this one tasted the most of citrus. Ran out quickly.


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Excellent Medium Bodied Chard

This is the kind of Chard I like with food. Not overly oaked. However, not as dry as a more French style Chard.


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Our go-to Chard, until it isn't :-(

My wife keeps asking for this when white is appropriate for dinner. "Oh you mean the Lot 706? You bet!" Nice citrus flavors but not fruity. Balanced well with just the right amount of oak, pear and a little butter. Perfect, until it's all gone. CH, tell us when you have another one like it!


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Nice Balance

I am generally drawn to the big oaky buttery Chardonnays rather than the austere French style. This wine is not big, but it has a lovely balance without being overwhelming. Love the way it lingers on the tongue. Well done!


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Well Balanced Chardonnay

Everything one can hope for in an elegant chardonnay. From the first to the last sip, this wine is very clean and consistent


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Excellent value

Delicious with dinner or just for sipping.


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Very good chard

Love my Chardonnays and this is one that will be a keeper. Way to easy to drink!!


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Hot Pot anyone?

I paired this wine with some seafood hotpot. Yum...