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Lot 705 2017 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel
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Lot 705 2017 Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel


An elegant expression of Zinfandel from Sonoma's Dry Creek Valley.


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Cam Confidential


109 Reviews Total


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Too bad this one went so fast...

Really nice RRV Zin...


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an old friend

Welcome back Lot 705, missed you... Beautiful Dry Creek Zin, all fruit and bramble.


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A lighter Zin

This was good, but a little light for my tastes. I’m with Karen (below) on this one. It did hold up nicely to a spicy peanut sauce chicken dish we had. But we’ve enjoyed the deep red full bodied Reds that Cam has found. This was not one of those.


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Not usually a fan

My wife and I aren’t usually Zin drinkers we prefer cabs and pinots but we were very shocked with how well we like this wine! It was a fuller bodied Zin which is probably why we enjoyed it so much!


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Very good Zinfindel

Very much enjoyed this Zin, I'm not a huge fan of Zin, but this one was quite good!


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Excellent Sonoma Zin!

The Dry Creek AVA produces some great Zins. Medium bodied with plum and spice notes. Well balanced. It was better the second night. Decanting is recommended.


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"Light" for a Zin

This wine is the color of a pinot noir; the body was light to me, as well. It was very food friendly--good with what we were eating and likely good with many foods. However, I like a second glass after dinner to savor, and this flavor was too light for that. I opened a bottle of Lot 725 Zinfandel to compare, and it hit the spot. The leftover 705 and 725 were both good with dinner the next night.


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Wish I could get more

Great Zin. Drank over a couple of days. Day 2 was better than day 1.


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Out of stock...Out of the good luck

Damn, this is a phenomenal Zin. I will puppy guard what I have.


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This is an excellent bottle of Zin from the Dry Creek Valley. Full bodied and bursting with flavors. Hope it makes a return.