Lot 704 2018 Carneros Pinot Noir

Lot 704 | 2018 Carneros

Pinot Noir

Gold Medal, 2020 Denver Int'l Wine Competition; An smooth, outstanding old-vine Pinot Noir from a small family producer on the Napa side of Carneros.


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Cam Confidential


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stood out for me compared to some of the other pinots

Can't pinpoint what it was exactly but this Pinot caught my attention vs some of the other Pinot's I've bought., bouquet, flavors, finish found very enjoyable.


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Smooth, light - perfect summer red

We opened this on a weeknight and were pleasantly surprised by how smooth it is. Chilled for about 45 min. ahead of time, (per Ralph's suggestion) it's great right out of the bottle. Really excellent value and a perfect summer red. Going back for more.


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Nice summer sipper

Not usually a huge fan of Pinot but this one really works for me! Tried it through the Wine Club and have since ordered more.


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Great chilled on a hot summer day!

Every Friday my wife and I grill shrimp. We've found this Pinot to be an excellent companion when chilled some. Maybe 45-60 minutes in the fridge before decanting. The hint of cola was a surprise. Love the dark fruits.


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2nd order of this pinot arrived and it is better than I remember. this compares well with $60 plus bottles I've had from Napa. a terrific value


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I always like a good pinot noir. Light with great flavor. Great for a summer red.


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This was a light Pinot Noir! Not my usual pick, as I really enjoy full-bodied reds . . . but still enjoyable!

Susan and Kent

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Not Enjoying It That Much

Decent wine, but not for our taste. Is a bit tart and there is not much depth to it. Decanting helped a bit.

David Mac

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Slightly in Second

I'd put this a short peg behind Lot 703, but it depends on your taste. This is still a great pinot at an excellent price point.


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Very Delicious Pinot

I find Cam gets his hands on some high quality Pinot Noir's and this one ranks among the highest!
Very drinkable, especially if you decant it for an hour or so before drinking.