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Lot 704 2018 Carneros Pinot Noir

Lot 704 | 2018 Carneros

Pinot Noir

An smooth, outstanding old-vine Pinot Noir from a small family producer on the Napa side of Carneros.


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Cam Confidential


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Always a winner

Really enjoyed drinking this wine. Had 2 bottles on my last order and they did not last long. The wine is a little heavier than the 703.


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Excellent wine!

This Pinot Noir tastes of plums, raspberries, and strawberries along with aromas of rose petals, cola, mushrooms, vanilla, and a hint of smoke from aging in toasted oak barrels. Excellent wine that, in my novice opinion, goes well with all foods! An open bottle around our house does not last long!


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Let it breathe!

A good wine that went well with our chicken. We couldn't finish it all the first night, so we had "seconds" 24 hours later and it really opened up.

Mary Kate

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Love this pinot. Really smooth, light wine. Enjoyed with pork and veggies.


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Good Pinot

It's a good medium style pinot, bought it before would but again.


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Good for food pairing

Great color! A little more to the ruby side than garnet. Great legs with a fair amount of alcohol. Fruit of plum sauce and black cherry with a hint of cotton candy. Nice acidity that will pair with a wide range of foods. This actually went well with an arctic char. Great Pinot.


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Comes off young

Nice fruit on the nose. Sugar, tannins and acid are not as integrated as they should be. Mouth feel is also a little thin. I believe this wine needs some time to mellow. But overall, worth the money.


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Good wine at dinner

We drank both bottles of this over a couple of dinners. It was a good mealtime wine and well priced. I am not the biggest white wine fan but I enjoyed this wine.


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This wasn't one of my favorites. The flavor was thin without depth compared to most of the amazing wines I've enjoyed from CH. Not bad, but I think I'm getting spoiled...


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good pinot

We were pretty happy with this one and stands up to similar wines from the Carneros region.
Would definitely buy again.