Lot 703 2017 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir
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Lot 703 | 2017 Anderson Valley

Pinot Noir

An elegant Pinot Noir from one of California's hidden gem winegrowing regions. $35 under its original winery label.


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Nice pinot noir for the price

We enjoyed this wine and my husband enjoyed it also, even though he would prefer a red blend. It was smooth and paired well with steak. Good wine for the price and would order again.


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Good dinner wine.

Just ordered more. Nice dinner wine with company.


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Very good medium bodied Pinot

Drank this Pinot with home made Chinese quinine. Wine was great compliment to the food. Medium bodied Pinot, very drinkable and delightful.


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Very nice

Loves this Pinot. Didn’t let it breath enough but gave it a good decant and that did the trick. Very nice bottle.


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Pinot noir caviar

Drink with an episode of unbreakable kimmy, sing the song, love life. More wine!


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Let this one breathe & it was great with dinner!


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Enviable effort

Approachable at opening and growing to more seriousness as time goes on. Great with meat and pasta.


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Really nice

Great value that opens up beautifully after an hour out of the bottle


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Excellent Juicy Wine

I'm typically a Zin or Cab drinker but decided to give this a try. It reminded me to branch out more often - I really enjoyed it! I'm torn between tasting bottles right after I buy them or waiting for them to age a bit and run the risk of them running out. I need to change my strategy - buy at least two of each bottle, one to drink now a so I can immediately order more if I love it. Lesson learned.


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Great Value

Still can't get over the quality of this wine for the price...just bought 2 cases to drink over the next couple years.