Lot 701 2017 Oak Knoll District Cabernet Sauvignon

Lot 701 | 2017 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Gold Medal, San Francisco Int'l Wine Competition; Sourced from a $130/bottle program and produced by first class winemaking talent. An exceptional wine at an exceptional price.


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Cam Confidential


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The wine was bold and lush.

Great flavor and value for the money. Will be buying more.


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Very nice.

This came in my quarterly shipment and we hit it off right away. Ordered more when it became available.

Angie’s Choice wine blog

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Good Juice, should have bought more

I judge a wine by how quickly the bottle becomes empty. I think this great Cab set a new record. The wine was gone so quickly, it reminded me of a guy I once saw in college. He was gone so fast, I can’t say we really dated


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Very good cab.

I like this cab right now. Refined tannins. I ordered more of these.


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Nice Cab

Full bodied, dark and finishes smooth. Definitely best with an hour or more of decanting. I’m looking forward to my 2nd bottle getting better over time!


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As good a value as you'll find!

For the price, this is an amazing wine! A few more years in the cellar and it will be even better!


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Lot 701

First thing I noticed was the dark inky color as I poured it into a glass. Nice nose but not overly fragrant. Very soft mouth feel followed by some very intense yet luscious fruit. Some nice mellow well rounded tannin's on the finish. I just received another shipment of 701's yesterday


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We decanted it for 45 minutes. The flavor was rich with a smooth velvety finish. It is amazing with venison. Looking forward to the next bottle.


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This is why I buy Cam Hughes

Big, complex, inky cab that will last for years. I bought a couple cases, opened 1 to try it now, but will set the rest aside to rest. I'll pull one out next year to try it, another the following, etc...

I purchased all of the hundred series back to 200 and those are perfect now.... expect the same from these.


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Quintessential Cab to have in your house

Wow, amazing full bodied smooth cab. Been waiting for one like this for quite some time. Rich flavors with just the right amount of tannins. Smooth berry with just enough spice and aromas. Pairs perfectly with a good steak. Great value and quality much better than those at 10 times the price.