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Lot 700 2017 Calistoga Cabernet Sauvignon
Out of Stock

Lot 700 | 2017 Calistoga

Cabernet Sauvignon

Our flagship release of the year: world-class Napa Cabernet from a $150 program. This is what we do best - elite wines at real-world prices.

Lot 700 is sold out! Keep your eyes on your inbox for more awesome Cab releases soon.

Red & Mixed Quarterly Wine Club members: you will receive Lot 700 in the December shipment.


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Cam Confidential


9 Reviews Total


Verified Purchase

Best Cab Ever from CAM and Anywhere for $30!

I ordered 2 cases and wish I had ordered more. Like others, I couldn't resist not waiting for it to settle after shipping so tried it within hours of it's arrival. This is without a doubt the best valued Cab I've ever had - anywhere. Sad it's sold out - I am now going to search through my last wine club shipment to see if there might be a bottle in there.


Verified Purchase


I reckon I am the only one who did not love this Cab. It had a hint of plastic aroma on the nose and on the palate. Similar to North Carolina reds (which I don't like). It would be great to get a better explanation of what I am smelling/tasting.


Verified Purchase

Great value. Excellent wine

This was the first time I ordered an entire case without first tasting it. Indeed, it was sold out by the time my order arrived. This is a young wine but its potential is apparent right away. It is amazing how easily we got used to higher end wines. Would I pay $150 for this wine. No, I would not pay $150 for any one bottle of wine, but $30 – absolutely.


Verified Purchase

Best cab I've purchased from CH Wine!

Glad I purchased some before it sold out. My favorite CH cab to date. Especially for the price!


Verified Purchase

Last meal

If I were on death row and had to select my last meal. I would ask for lot 700 and a Wagyu beef steak. Outstanding!


Verified Purchase

So glad I got my case

Just got my case (8 of lot 700 and 4 of lot 699). I know you’re supposed to let the wine settle a few days after being in transit but couldn’t help it. Had to open a 700 to see if the hype was matched by the wine. It was. So glad I jumped on this the other day now seeing it’s sold out. My other 7 bottles are not for sale.


Verified Purchase

I cried due to out of stock

Angie's Choice Wine blog here....I cried when this showed "out of stock". This was the usual with '00 Lots. I was poised to order 3 more cases and poof it was gone. The few fortune friends that had some of this outstanding Cab where in tears too. My Blog is @AngiesChoice1 on Facebook


Verified Purchase

Very good Cabernet

We really like this Cabernet and hope to get more.
Plan to let our other bottles age a few years.


Verified Purchase

As advertised

Many times the wine in my wine club shipment is gone by the time I opened it. This time I jumped on the 700 and it was just fabulous. My wife is not a red wine fan and she loved it. Ordering this before it is gone.