Lot 698 2017 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 698 | 2017 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Epic Cabernet from Napa Valley's elite Stagecoach Vineyard, only 150 cases available!

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Cam Confidential


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Stand up Cab~

What a treat to get this in my Wine Club shipment! Rich, full-bodied and complex. This was a winner for sure!


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Lucky I received 2 bottles

Deep, Rich, Complex! Improved dramatically after a two-hour decant.


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every bit as good as the hype

wish I had a case of this one. pricey, but worth it. probably better in a decade, but great now.


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as good as advertised



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Luscious Cabernet

A wonderfully dry Cabernet. Lovely dark pitted fruits. So luscious. Paired perfectly with dark chocolate. You will enjoy.


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All That Cam Said & More

We had this with a rich beef stew, and it was delicious. Our friends with high end Napa wine club memberships were blown away, and believed it had to be a $75 bottle. Our secret.


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Like drinking velvet

This was like pie on Thanksgiving day! It felt like drinking velvet. I wish I had pop this bottle sooner when it was still available. Smell of dates and a hint of cinnamon. Full bodied and as smooth as can be. So grateful to have had this bottle.


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I waited too long to try this

I should have ordered ahead of time. Fantastic! Smells like pumpkin pie under dark fruits - mulberry and dates. Ruby color and sticks to the glass. Sharp and warm with almost a thickness. Makes me think of a nice cheese with dark jam and licorice smeared on top. This is what you share with your wine-fan friends or save for yourself. Don’t bring it out for newbies. Go grab a sub $20 bottle at the corner store and save this for a special day.


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Thank goodness I bought more

Great Cab that is not overpowered by spicy food.


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Deep, Rich, Complex! Improved dramatically after a two-hour decant. And then kept improving over the next couple of hours. Holding the last bottle for another year as it seems likely that it will be even better than a 5*!