Lot 698 2017 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 698 | 2017 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Epic Cabernet from Napa Valley's elite Stagecoach Vineyard, only 150 cases available!

This wine sold out in two hours! Keep your eyes on your inbox for more awesome Cab releases soon.
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Cam Confidential


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Great Cab. Wish I had more.


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Really, really nice

Decanted it, and stood for a couple of hours, as recommended. Very full bodied. Have had $60+ bottles from other wineries that didn't come close to matching this wine. Shame it had sold out before I tried it.


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Nice, but I missed the boat!

Need to try my club shipments sooner. Very nice. Different quality to what I usually drink but sold out before I tried it : (

Jim Y

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Wow, that's big. The aroma is rich, dark fruits, volcanic, earthy...light loam. There's a hint of smoke and light florals as well. Deep, rich flavor....so balanced. Dark berries, light oak, some earthiness. It's a little tight right out of the bottle, but still, delicious. This is a big bad boy looking for some meat to pair with. Really great wine....wish I'd have seen it before it was gone.


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Wish I could have ordered more

I also wasn't able to open this until after it sold out (was in my club shipment), for the price it is just a steal. As with most of the higher-end CH cabs, it needs 2-3 hours to open up, but you are rewarded fro the wait.


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Fantastic Napa cabernet

Yes, another fantastic Napa cabernet...sold out...come on, I just tasted my first bottle tonight!!!! Dark purple as I poured it. Fantastic...Damn, Cam...find more!


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Delicious and growing into more!

Inky dark color, great nose after a bit and long finish. I am saving some for 2022.


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Was very pleasantly surprised by this wine very delicious


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This wine is one incredible reason to be a wine club member. Bummed it is sold out. Absolutely stunning. I want more!


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Good but not Fantastic

Received this in my club shipment and saved for Christmas to share with our Prime Rib Dinner. This wine was nice but a little to earthy for me. It started with a very deep and complex nose but a little too pungent for me. It did finish nice and maybe if it had been decanted longer it would have opened nicer. Sad it sold out though as I really would like to give it another try.