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Lot 697 2016 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 697 | 2016 Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon

Our first superstar Cabernet of the Fall Season - a small-lot stunner from Atlas Peak.


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Napa's oversupply works to our advantage, big time.

This cabernet is a steal!Absolutely delicious, full-bodied cab that is a perfect compliment to a hearty meal. So glad I discovered Cameron Hughes many years ago. They never disappoint and always deliver great value. Thank you Cam!


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Lot 697 Cab

I liked it from my first swirl to my first taste. Loads of luscious fruit with some very nice tannins on the finish. It really opened up after a couple hours. Fortunately I still have more to enjoy


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Great value!

Got a case before it all traded. Rich, full body, tons of flavor.


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Solid Performance

This cab lives up to its billing. It's big, bold and smacks you right in the face with flavor. I've tried quite a few of the CH cab offerings over the years, and this one is a solid performer. Frankly, there are others that I have enjoyed more, but many would probably accuse me of being overly critical. I had a high expectation for this wine. Nevertheless, if you like a wine with intense oak, and fruit that tends toward earth, tobacco and leather notes, this is a great pick for you. I do recommend that you let it breathe for 30 minutes or so. It opens up nicely and is more enjoyable after a decant.


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Not ready

Lot 697 is off to a slow start for me, but to be fair, it is still a bit young. With a lot of hooplah around this wine, and my appreciation for the Atlas Peak region, I ordered a case. I opened a bottle as soon as it arrived, decanted, and knowing that it will not be at it's best, I was hoping for a bit more. It drank a bit too inky, under-developed, tannin structure very mild, and over all, lacking in the notes Cam spoke about. Too be fair, it was not ready to open and so I laid it down a couple weeks before trying bottle #2. Still inky, still not developed, but a little bit of character forming in its finish. This is not a poor review of this wine, just an early evaluation. There is no doubt in my mind this wine will develop over time, balance out, and drink very well in the coming years. For now, lot 697 is just ok...but with time, should be another solid wine for the price. I give it 3.5 stars.


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Very, Very, Nice

A big cab with balance and rich dark fruit. Soft tannins that will get better with age, but not sure I can put it aside for a few years. Another winner!


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Ready for some more!

Exceptional cab; lucky for us that I purchased a case for starters.


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Can't Wait!

I have not yet tried this wine because I want to give it time to mature in bottle. This vintage from this area of Napa should cost 3 times more than this! I am glad I got a case before it sold out.


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Great character! We’re going to laying these down for a few years.!


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Great Stuff

Big and Smooth at the same time a very refined Cab. Great stuff ! It sold out too fast, I wanted more.