Lot 695 2016 Napa Valley Meritage

Lot 695 | 2016 Napa Valley


An outstanding red blend of Bordelaise varietals from Napa's best regions.


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Cam Confidential


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Jim Y

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Aroma is loam, cocoa, black cherry, tiny bit of menthol. Flavor more of the same....really nice blend of flavors. Not as deep and rich as maybe a cab, but really complex and soft. Body is a bit lighter than a big cab, but drinks very easy. While I prefer a big cab, this is an excellent sub for an every day drinker. Really impressed. Nice wine.


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Beautiful wine!

If one approaches this wine as a Cabernet in disguise it may not hit the mark, but if approaching it as Merlot on steroids, a wonderful experience awaits! It’s a very complex wine possessing a changing kaleidoscope of fruit. It’s tannins are bold but not in your face, well integrated with fruit. There’s a lot more here for me to discover and I have 11 bottles left to explore.