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Lot 694 2018 Santa Barbara County Syrah
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Lot 694 | 2018 Santa Barbara


A stupendous deal for one of the best bottles of Syrah I've come across all year.


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Cam Confidential


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Don't know unless you try!

Little disappointed in this one from my mixed case in joining CH. Not what I was hoping for, but certainly drinkable. Just happy that CH is a good source for Syrah because usually not a lot to choose from in the stores. Will keep my out for the next one.


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Nice Syrah!

This was a nice solid wine for the price. Wish I would've gotten more before it went out of stock.


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Good Value Syrah

This was not bad for the price! Great flavor profile


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Really enjoyed this full bodied Syrah from Santa Barbara. Amazing flavors which paired excellent with grilled sausage pizza. Hope it comes back in stock.


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Love Syrah.

Full bodied Syrahs are my favorite. Unbelievable value at this price. Flavors jump out at you.


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Que Syrah

Wish Cam had more Syrah. It’s our favorite and not often available. It’s a very smooth drinkable wine at an unbeatable price.


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This is the kind of Red I'm thrilled to discover. Right out of the bottle it grabs you by the face, gives you a good shake, and then treats you to an explosion of flavor when you take your first mouthful. Thoroughly delightful. I wish I had bought more!


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Bold syrah

I tried some but before I could order more it was gone


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Bold and robust. Notes of dark pitted fruits. Definitely a winner!


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This is an inky black red. It is full-bodied. The first sip is mouth-puckering, tannins dominate over other flavors. Then aromas of black cherry jam, prunes, tobacco, but also turpentine emerge. The wine mellowed quite a bit by day #2. It pairs well with strong flavored dishes such as Indian meat curries, lamb or smoked BBQ.