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Lot 694 2018 Santa Barbara County Syrah
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Lot 694 | 2018 Santa Barbara


A stupendous deal for one of the best bottles of Syrah I've come across all year.


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Cam Confidential


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Bold and robust. Notes of dark pitted fruits. Definitely a winner!


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This is an inky black red. It is full-bodied. The first sip is mouth-puckering, tannins dominate over other flavors. Then aromas of black cherry jam, prunes, tobacco, but also turpentine emerge. The wine mellowed quite a bit by day #2. It pairs well with strong flavored dishes such as Indian meat curries, lamb or smoked BBQ.


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a favorite!

creamy and full of classic syrah goodness


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Loved It

This one did not disappoint , Very flavorful and bold , This would be a very good winter wine if there is such a thing.


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Big Red.

Great value. Needs a good decent. So good with a nice steak


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Worth the Price

A great example of a fine Syrah. Deep dark color. The nose is wonderful--I get lot's of yeast and fruit. Smooth on the palate with just enough bite to go well with food. Dry finish. Only quibble is that it is too young to show its best. But, why wait?....

David Mac

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No Issues Here

I'm not a huge syrah fan, but this was just fine. I do like Santa Barbara wines.


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Must be a bad batch

My friends and I ordered this Syrah to be tasted at our virtual event- 6 bottles in total sent to various places in the Northeast and Texas.  When I opened mine, I was mortified, it smelled like a fish market.  I let everyone open theirs and one by one the reaction was similar.  I don't know if we had a bad batch, but all were shipped independently to different addresses and have been sitting for 5 to 6 weeks.  I hope this is not indicative of the wine, perhaps a bad barrel.  Anyway, for now I would not order this wine.  Shame as it was going to round out our 10th wine from CH, I was hoping to finish with a bang.  0 stars.  No points allotted.


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Great wine at a great price!


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Nice SB Red

This one was a surprise. It's got a big initial taste that is a little tight but opens up nicely. Seems like it would be easily pairable. Worth another purchase after this tasting.