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Lot 685 2017 Knights Valley Zinfandel

Lot 685 | 2017 Knights Valley


Sourced from the same pioneering, fifth-generation producer as our best-selling Lot 689 Chard, this is Zinfandel that showcases refinement and finesse.


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Cam Confidential


72 Reviews Total

David Mac

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A Regal Knight

I really liked this Zin. I'm hot and cold with Zin's these days, but I really liked this pairing with a charred steak and baked potatoes.


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Smooth Zin

This Zin is a less intense version of most Zins we've had from Cam. BUT very nice with good oak and vanilla notes. Enjoy this one, but drinks more like a Cab.


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A bit disappointed

I try almost every Zin CH releases. While the flavor is fine it just doesn't have the intensity that I'm looking for from a Zin. No comparison to lot 712.


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Great flavor

Good flavor and very enjoyable for the price point. I'd really put it at 4.25 or 4.5, but if I have to choose 4 vs. 5, I come down on a 4 just because I think a 5-star Zinfandel has a bit more weight to the flavor and taste that really hits strong. But for the price point, this is really good and I have already bought more.


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Nice Zinfandel

When first opened a bit snappy with a bite. This wine shines the second day, fruit and a smooth aftertaste. Red berries and woody notes...


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Nice eucalyptus undertone

This is a great wine. It stands up to any meal just like a heavy merlot or cab. I detect a faint eucalyptus note in the wine, much like some very high priced Napa Cabernets.


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Great value

Love it


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Good Zin

I’m a happy camper with this choice. Especially after a bit of breathing. Nice!


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Excellent Zin! A favorite of the recent lots.


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Nice earthy Zin with dense dark fruit characters.

Lovely dark, dense full body Zin.