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Lot 684 2016 St. Helena Zinfandel
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Lot 684 | 2016 St. Helena


Under 100 cases of top shelf Napa Zinfandel, from the same producer as Lot 316!

This wine sold out in just a couple of hours - stay tuned for more top shelf Napa releases coming soon!


(18 Reviews)

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Wine Details
Cam Confidential


18 Reviews Total


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Great wine, excellent value


Verified Purchase


We always order zin when Cam gets it. This is no exception. This zin has been our favorite of the bunch. It does not take a back seat to anyone. It walks right up to you and smacks you in the face and lets you know it means business. Glad we got our case. More of this, please!


Verified Purchase

Great Zin

Was hoping to get more! Unfortunately it's gone, though. A steal for $18.


Verified Purchase

Great Zin!

Sad to see it is now sold out. I definitely waited too long to open that first bottle. Paired great with the ribeyes. Hopefully Cam can get more from this producer in the future!


Verified Purchase

I enjoy Zins and thought this one was very good. I’d definitely order it again.

Very good Zin!

OR wine lover

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I don't drink a lot of Zins. They tend to be too fruity for my liking. I was very pleasantly surprised by this wine. The fruit was nicely balanced. I would absolutely order more if it were still in stock!


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Napa Zin

We enjoyed it with grilled pork chops with honey barbecue sauce and it was perfect. Lots of big fruit up front and a long generous finish.

T Parker

Verified Purchase

Superb Zin

This is the fourth CH Zinfandel I’ve tried, and by far the best. Smooth, full, easy drinking. I love it with a hearty pizza or ribs.


Verified Purchase

Flank and Zin - Oh My!

When I saw the St. Helena appellation I had to give it a try (actually had to "try" a case :-) Had with my wife's famous flank steak. What a match!! A great Zin!!! Can't wait to see what Cameron comes up with next.


Verified Purchase


Super wine! Super value! Keep em coming!