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Lot 682 2018 Russian River Valley Pinot Grigio

Lot 682 | 2018 Russian River Valley

Pinot Grigio

Our first Pinot Grigio release in almost ten years! Sourced from a small family-owned Russian River Valley winery, this is phenomenal wine at an unbeatable price.


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Cam Confidential


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Smooth Pinot Grigio

Smooth was the first word that popped into my head. Then a slight hint of citrus as a finish. I was worried it might be sweet but it was dry and very flavorful. We will definitely be buying more. And at this price, why wouldn't you?


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Terrific Pinot Grigio

Wow - this one raised our standard for Pinot Grigio! Our first sips were great right out of the bottle. Changed a little with decanting, but was good from the start. Crisp and not too light, but still retains the Pinot Grigio character. Great value - Really enjoyed it and we'll probably get this one again.


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This needs decanting. At first taste it is bitter green apple. With air that fades. All said and done, it's an interesting in-between for me. In between Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. If you like a punch on the PG, this may work for you.


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Great value.

One of my favorite pinot grigio. Great summer wine.


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Great value

Nice body, and very refreshing. Good before and after dinner, especially seafood!


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The best taste - delicious with pork

Also the best value.


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Best pinot Grigio for the money. I’m not a huge white wine fan but I thoroughly enjoyed the crisp refreshing taste.


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Good with Pork

I liked it's hint of gravel. Not too sweet. Light, but tasty.


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Opened my first bottle last night to have with some clams and the word brilliant popped into my head. And I'm not even British.


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Loved this Pinot

We compared this with the expensive one from Italy and it won hands down. It's a great value and wonderful with seafood.