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Lot 680 2018 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
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Lot 680 | 2018 New Zealand

Sauvignon Blanc

Our first New Zealand release in almost half a decade - an absolutely superb offering from Marlborough.


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Cam Confidential


120 Reviews Total


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A perfect Sauvignon Blanc!

I hope you will be able to get another New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that I this good! We loved it!


Verified Purchase

A delicious stunner for $14

This wine kicked off our 4th Virtual Wine Tasting. As in the past, I had all the attendees reserve half the bottle at room temperature and the other half chilled. My brief notes include a very nice shade of light gold in the glass. The nose was very floral and included grapefruit, citrus, green apple and pear. The palate was very much in line with the nose and had a modicum of tangy acidity, citrus and floral notes with a decent length finish. The room temperature version offered a much fuller nose, more emphasis on the flowers while the chilled version focused on the citrus and acidic components. Both were delicious but I preferred the cold version whilst scoring the room temp slightly higher using my own 20 point scale. Interestingly, the nose of this wine did not exhibit the telltale cat pee aromas that I usually note in Kiwi Sav-Blancs. I don’t necessarily miss it, but I was hoping to showcase it as a prominent feature of the varietal from this region. The wine did display some nice minerality that is reminiscent of a French Sancerre. I am going with 90 points and 5 stars for this $14 deal. Try and stock up for the hot summer and pair it with steamed shrimp, grilled fish or chicken breast and salad. Drink till 2024.


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Awesome Sauvignon Blanc!

Another awesome Sauvignon Blanc. Fabulous citrus and mineral flavors. Maybe not for everyone, but I love this wine.

David Mac

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Low Stock, Stock Up!

This one is going fast and I get why. A different beast comes from Down Under and this wine was great and weird and I loved it. Makes me want to visit NZ even more.


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Complex and Full-Bodied

Wow. I let this come almost to room temperature, and it was surprisingly complex and full-bodied for a sauvignon blanc. Guess I'd forgotten how good a NZ one can be. I had stopped buying SB, because it was usually a one-note taste, primarily grapefruit. This one can stand up to a hearty meal.

JoeB Wine drinker

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Summer classic

New Zealand at it's best - strong waves of grass and grapefruit. What a wine for a summer afternoon either watching the sunset and/or sitting on the beach.


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Nice NZ Sauvignon Blanc

Really enjoying this refreshing, crisp wine. I prefer my Sauvignon Blancs from NZ and this one didn’t disappoint. Great for summer sipping at the beach!!


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My new favorite Sauv Blanc!

You had me at lemon drop minerality! This is my new favorite Sauvignon Blanc. Crisp and fresh, perfect for summer.


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I may like SB after all

Generally not a fan of Sauvignon Blanc, but this one changed my mind. Very nice citrus nose and a mouthful of fruit. Slightly tart, but it pared well with dinner.


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A great find.

Love these NZ Sauvignon Blancs. This was crisp and refreshing beginning right at opening. This is one that I'll need to always have on the rack.