Lot 680 2018 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Lot 680 | 2018 New Zealand

Sauvignon Blanc

Our first New Zealand release in almost half a decade - an absolutely superb offering from Marlborough.

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Fun new Sauvignon Blanc!

Perfect summer drinking sauvignon blanc! It's light and full of flavor with a little zippiness at the end that reminds you of this wine's origin.


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My 2nd favorite new release for the summer

This is a really good Sauvignon Blanc for summer evenings. 680 is my favorite release for the summer but this one is good as well and I will be ordering more.


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Very nice

Received a bottle of this as part of my wine club shipment, and it definitely did not disappoint.


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A wonderful surprise

Value new Zealand Sauvignon Blanc can be mediocre. This is anything but... Great summer time and compliments spicy food very well. The citrus is not as overwhelming as some. Definitely will buy again.


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We love it!

My wife and I love this wine and find it refreshing and delicious.


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Love New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Did not disappoint. Will definitely reorder.


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You’re drinking it too cold

This is a top-shelf SauvBlanc. Those who are complaining about is being flat or ordinary are drinking it out the fridge... and yeah, pretty average.

Do yourself a favor. This ain’t iced tea. It’s meant to be enjoyed at 50-55 degrees. Drink it there and it blossoms and swirls and dances. We drank a case and are ordering more!


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Wonderful Citrus

Great crisp citrusy wine. Grapefruit zest and lemon jump from the glass. Still a little young. If you like your wine with a little tartness give this a try.


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Having enjoyed SB in New Zealand and considering it our favorite white, couldn't help but be disappointed in this one. Not much aroma of passion fruit nor the other great things about Marlborough. Having enjoyed the real thing may have influenced me.


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Great find

Good summer time wine at a great price. Definitely some grapefruit, but nothing too extreme. Seemed more minerally than other NZ sauvignon Blancs.