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Lot 680 2018 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Lot 680 | 2018 New Zealand

Sauvignon Blanc

Our first New Zealand release in almost half a decade - an absolutely superb offering from Marlborough.


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Cam Confidential


87 Reviews Total


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Great Bottle

My mom loved this bottle. It is now one of her most loved SB. Low sugar content and very easy to drink!


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Classic NZ Sauvignon Blanc

There are nothing but good things to say about this wine. It's the perfect expression of the flavors that typify SB from New Zealand. We grew up eating scuppernong grapes in the summer in the deep South, and this wine (and all good SB from NZ) has a taste of those unique and special fruits. This is a great wine and we are having a hard time keeping it around because a bottle always seems to disappear every couple of days!!


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Nice Kiwi Sauv Blanc

Sure, you may be able find a Sauvignon Blanc for a bit less than this. But this one is so bright and full of flavor! Recommended.


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Beautiful Sauvignon blanc

Just ordered more. Love New Zealand wines and this is definitely one of the best.


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Great Wine

Great sauv blanc, bright and lemony without being overly acidic. First time trying it and the wife loves it! So I ordered another case just the other day.


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Solid Sauv Blanc

Solid sauv blanc, bright and lemony without being overly acidic. Kept corked in for fridge for a few days after opening. Still smooth and crisp 4-5 days later.


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Works in the winter, too

Several reviews say it's a good summer wine. It's even good when you are in New England and it's 20 degrees outside. Better than the average NZ SB at a good price.


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Certainly above average in this sea...

of NZ Marlborough S/B's. Cam has gone to great "lengths" to give us a chance to try this new offering. Any chance of one day negotiating for some wonderfully Dry Alsatian Rieslings with their taut acidity and intense minerality??


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Easy drinking

My husband loves New Zealand wine & he loved this one


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Great summer wine

We love this wine! Easy to drink. Great with many food choices.