Lot 679 2016 Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 679 | 2016 Diamond Mountain

Cabernet Sauvignon

A super rare, small-lot gem from high-elevation vineyards in Napa Valley's Diamond Mountain District!

This wine sold out in an hour! Stay tuned for more great new releases.


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Good wine but needs ageing

Good wine but needs ageing


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Really one of the best I have had fro CH Wine

I messed up on this one. I mixed in only one bottle with some others and as soon as I had my first taste I jumped on to the site to order more but it was already gone. My bad! It was really a velvety smooth Cabernet. I regret not ordering more especially at that price.


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Nice nose, Not as heavy tannins as most Diamond Mountain Cabernets but a great value wine.

Very drinkable, single note wine, however great value wine. Finish is light.


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Lot 679

We opened the first bottle while up in the mountains. First thing I noticed was the beautiful, deep dark color as I was pouring. Secondly was the luscious bouquet followed by a wonderfully soft mouth feel soon followed by some very alive tannins as I swallowed the first sip. I’m am so glad I was able to purchase a few of these beauties before they sold out!!!


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This is a great wine, too bad I did not get more. I am looking forward to great new releases of reds. Een my wife who does not particularly like red wines, liked this one .


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Classic CH Deal

I bought 2 cases hoping this would be another classic. I've opened one to try it, and I am not disappointed.

The wine is young and needs decanting or time in the bottle, but it is a big wine, great structure and is a nice balance of black fruits and earth tones. Its soft but has a long finish.

Cant wait to see what this is like in 5 and 10 years.


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So good

Rich dark Cabernet! What a tasty wine. Dark and delicious. Needs little air time. Perfect with first glass to last. So good!


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Wish I ordered more!

WOW! This was a very enjoyable glass of Cabernet. I have to tell you the first pour right out of the bottle (please don't do this) was very tight and astringent without letting any fruit to get through. After decanting and letting it sit for a while this next glass was amazing. The tannins settled down a bit and the acidity is still there but it rounded into a nice taste. The color was very deep red. More ruby tending to purple to me than garnet and was almost inky. This was a medium to full bodied with a finish that (to me) was LONG and velvety. Fruit flavors were of blackberries and berry jam with hints of mint and graphite. I wish I ordered more than a case. Sadly now its gone.


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I absolutely loved 679!! Soft, earthy and silky but still full bodied. Not your typical Cabernet, this one is special! I am sorry I did not buy more. For those who did not like it I will happily buy it from you :)

Jim Y

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Soft, but Solid

Aroma starts with cassis, some earthiness, and a little bit of blueberry. Exceptionally well balanced....soft, and a little easier drinking than some of the bigger cabs. Tannins and oak are there, softer fruits and an even finish, silky. That's a nice one....softer than the big cabs, but still as pleasant and complex. This one would go great with a big steak, but could be enjoyed alone as well.