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Lot 678 2017 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
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Lot 678 | 2017 Willamette Valley

Pinot Noir

Gold Medal, 2019 Denver Int'l Wine Competition; A delicious, Burgundian-style Oregon Pinot Noir for a fraction of the original $40+ price. Absolutely killer deal.


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Cam Confidential


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Best with some breathing

Shared this with a friend. We were both disappointed at first taste; however, we swirled in the glass and let it sit. Really enjoyed it after that!


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Disappoints on the finish

A great nose of vanilla and strawberry. Balanced taste, but somewhat thin in the mouth. Finally, I didn't find the finish all that long. Overall, I would say that this is worth it's price.


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Simply awesome

This is a great Pinot - even my wife (who normally hates Pinot Noir) loved it while my sister/bro-in-law also loved it (and they drink a lot of Pinot. I buy some of this every order (when they are not sold out). Definitely one of my favorite CH wines.


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Great value!

Purchased several cases of this wine, one of my more recent favorite pinots that Cameron has found!


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Best Pinot Noir

I was taken aback by this Pinot. Typically my wife and her friends love their Pinots as they typically are juicy and easy drinking wines. However, when I got the chance to try this Pinot from Williamette, I was impressed! First of all, Willamette is a wonderful wine region. Secondly, their Pinots are top notch and this one delivers. I will continue to order this wine when I can. Lovely, smells amazing and tastes even better.

Mary Kate

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Definitely a great value. Our favorite from CH so far. Can't wait for it to restock! Enjoy!


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Nice Oregon Pinot

I have ordered this Pinot more than once and have been really happy with the taste and especially the price. Glad I ordered it before it was out of stock. Another great bargain from Cameron Hughes.


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Was pleasantly surprised...

Bought a case of this wine on a whim, was so happy with it I ordered another and so did my friend. But alas, you are now out of stock of this lot. Too bad, I wanted to order more...


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One of my favorites!

My entire family loved this one. Very drinkable. My only regret is that it sold out before I could buy another case.


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A good red for the money

I have been trying to delve more into the reds as my doctor recommends a glass of red wine each night for my cholesterol - and tons of people recommended a Pinot Noir to me. This one was quite enjoyable, Very flavorful and not a heavy wine. It's obviously a popular choice since you are out of stock now!