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Lot 677 2017 Chehalem Mountains Pinot Noir
Out of Stock

Lot 677 | 2017 Chehalem Mountains

Pinot Noir

Supple, Burgundian-style Pinot from the Willamette Valley. Only 250 cases available!


(28 Reviews)

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Cam Confidential


28 Reviews Total


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Good wine. Great Value.

Enjoyable wine with dinner. Lighter wine. Good accompaniment with dinner.


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Pleasant Pinot

Really a nice Pinot. Pairs well with sweets. Learning to appreciate more dry reds. I will be ordering more of this one!


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Disappointing (that it is out of stock)

Loved this wine. I have gotten to where I have like the lighter reds and this wine did not disappoint. Had great flavors burst thru and gave a warm feel of luxury.


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Elegant and approachable Pinot

Red fruit, white flowers and a little earthiness on the nose. Bright berries on the palate. Very nice!


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Excellent Burgundian Pinot

Excellent Burgundian style Pinot. Full fruit on nose and palate with a long finish. By it's style it is a light Pinot compared to Lot 656 so may not be for those who like a full bodied darker Pinot. Perfect on a hot summer day.


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Nice light Pinot

I usually stay away from cabs and heavy reds for the summer so this one fits nicely for a change from my summer whites (680 and 682).


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Another Oregon value

We love Oregon pinots and this one does not disappoint. The streak continues for great value reds


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Too thin

I actually sort of agree with John and I drink far more Pinot than anything else. I have drank so many bottles of 656 that I have lost count and that is a great Pinot. But this is a little too thin for my tastes. At the same time I realize that I lean toward heavily fruited Pinots and also drink lots of Cabs so I understand that others here find this be be more to their tastes.


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A nice pinot!

Cam has been touting the Oregon pinots for awhile and I hadn't had the opportunity to try one until now. Light and delicate with a smooth finish. Excellent!


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John doesn’t like Pinots

I don’t think John knows what he’s talking about. ALL Pinot Noirs are by their very typicity are weak comparatively. For a Pinot this wine is very archetypal as some of the best Pinots come from the Willamette Valley. It’s ok not to like a certain varietal but don’t judge them against other varietals. Judge them within their varietal. All other reviews are top notch just like this Pinot.