Lot 676 2016 Santa Barbara County White Blend

Lot 676 | 2016 Santa Barbara

White Blend

A refined and bold white blend from one of California's iconic Rhône varietal producers.


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Cam Confidential


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Bold, but a little cloying with some distracting flavors. Great mouthfeel.


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Interesting, but Distracting Flavors

Very closed nose. Straw and a bit of floral with aged pineapple emerging. On the taste, low acidity and a rich mouth feel. Orange, peach, apple, straw, and a herbal/vegetative note on the taste. Finish is orange and peach with a slight vegetative, peach-pit linger. Flavors are not well blended.


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Fragrant and full white

A warm, golden color. Luscious hints of apricot and pineapple at first, very aromatic, and with long lasting flavor. This white blend is one of the more enveloping whites I've had. An excellent choice.


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On The Fence

I'm not completely sold on this blend. I absolutely love the perfectly aromatic Viognier and await the day Cam sources one. (Please!) It's often blended with another grape, though I like it on its own. I've heard it called a throwaway grape, which is so not true! I've also had Marsanne/Rousanne blends and consider them a nice change of pace but crazy good. I'll keep looking for what I am supposed to find in this 676.


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Central Coast is my favorite region in California for these types of varieties. This blend is common in the area, and this wine is a great representation. The aromatic viognier shines, and the blend of marsanne and roussane bring body and a variety of citrus and stone fruit flavors. One of my favorites!


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Bought before

I like this blend each time I've ordered it. A nice change for the other white varitals


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Not for Us

We did not enjoy this at all and actually poured out the bottle and our glasses after a few sips. Given the other reviews, I wonder if we just got a bad bottle. Everything else in our shipment so far as been stellar.


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Tart and floral

This one had a bright acidity and tartness at first, then mellowed after 15-20 mins. I like these varietals but this particular bottling has too much oak for my preferences.


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I love it. Great mix of some incredible flavors and a great every day wine. I am sorry I only ordered two bottles.


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Just the right amount of sweetness and tartness

Goes well with spicy food and cheeses. Our goto white.