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Lot 676 2016 Santa Barbara County White Blend

Lot 676 | 2016 Santa Barbara

White Blend

A refined and bold white blend from one of California's iconic Rhône varietal producers.


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Cam Confidential


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Very rich white blend

I was surprised at how big and bold this one is. As such it is not my typical summer white (which is on the light side to be enjoyed very cold) but it is rich and oaky and a good change of pace.



This is definitely a white not for the faint of heart. Big oak, rich flavors, great mouthfeel. My wife and I loved it so much we just bought a case!


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Unusual White Blend

This was a really unusual and different white wine for me! It tasted very oaky, to the point of reminding me of drinking bourbon.
Not generally what I am looking for in a white wine but perhaps others would enjoy?


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We were having a summer bbq and so I opened this and it was a great accompaniment. It's got a bold flavor for a white and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Really loved the flavor.
I hope it's still in stock in the fall when it's not too hot to ship to Texas.


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Never had to review CH low!

This is a first for me because I've never had a bad Cameron Hughes wine. I'm their biggest fan. So, it pains me to say this... but I didn't love this one. Heavily on the oak side for me and citrusy at the same time. I bought 4 bottles and will need to mix it with something to even drink it. I wish I bought more of the albarino instead. Sorry Cameron Hughes! I will still be your biggest fan. This one was not a good choice for me.


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“Do I see a cioppino in your future?”

This Lot 676 white wine 2016 from Santa Barbara is no simple blend. This one is surprisingly rich with a lot of body. A sweetness and acidity that is perfectly balanced. Without thinking twice, I would match this wine with any shell fish you have in mind including scallops, oysters, mussels or clams. Hmmm, I think I may be craving a fisherman’s stew!


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Essence of Butter

Enjoyed this wine yesterday out on the porch in the sun. The nose was actually buttery and the finish had a hint of honey on the back of my tongue. It is a light wine with a slight acid finish which holds up nicely with a good sharp cheese.


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Good, a bit too acidic for my taste

Liked this wine; didn't love it.

Black Wine Guy

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I wish they all could be California...

Has an absolutely gorgeous golden color.
Initially tasted his bottle very cold so on the nose getting nectarine, peach, pineapple, in the mouth it’s oily with streaks of petrol cutting through tropical fruits mango, more pineapple, et al...

Tasting at a warmer temperature now I'm getting more anxious notes of toffee, creme brulee, manduka honey, My mom's Bisquick peach cobbler.

This one is truly a steal if you’re a fan of Chateauneuf-du-pape Blancs!


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nice wine for a warm day

Mild flavor for drinking , doesn't need food to make the taste just right. Satisfies a lot of different visitors, it's the first white we pull out when we have people with unknown tastes.