Lot 676 2016 Santa Barbara County White Blend

Lot 676 | 2016 Santa Barbara

White Blend

A refined and bold white blend from one of California's iconic Rhône varietal producers.


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Cam Confidential


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An acquired taste

My wife and I usually agree on which wine we like and which we don't. This one has us split though, she really doesn't like it and I find it okay. Wouldn't recommend it as the smokey undertaste is a bit much for most palates, I imagine. Unusual and definitely not your everyday sipping wine. I would not order this again.


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Butterscotch finish

Very nice. The finish is like butterscotch but not as sweet.


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Similar to a Chard

If you like Chardonnay with moderate oak, this is the wine for you. Not something that I would personally drink on its own, but a decent pairing for a buttery pasta dish.


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Very Little Viognier

I admit I did not care for this much, as I am not fond of chards, esp French ones. The Roussane grape is a lot like chard. The nose seemed more like grapefruit and honey to me, the taste bland/sourish. I hoped the Viognier, which I do like, would take over but alas no. It's a nice wind down wine though.


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Light, smooth blend. Oak and cucumber taste

Wonderful summertime change of pace. This wine blend is perfect for light summer fare. It has a pale yellow color, and has a very smooth, light oak and cucumber taste. I just pared this with a wonderful shrimp and orzo meal. You will not go wrong with this excellent value. Easy on the wallet and great on the taste buds !


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Nice blend

A very nice blend that is a very enjoyable summer wine. Good by itself with lots of forward citrus. Pairs well with a cod or white fish. Nice change of pace from Sauvignon Blanc. Definitely fans of Viognier and Roussane


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Lovely Blend

Great wine. I love Viognier and this blend was perfect. Great drinking summer wine.


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Unusual white - great change of pace

Almonds, great nose for a white, will go with any food that you would pare with chardonnay. Will order more


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Wonderful if you like this white blend style. Very "French".

Obviously this wine is not for everyone and that's cool. The wine is not "bad" in the sense that something is wrong with it. I think that US producers have focused on just a few grape varieties, which gets a little boring, not to mention the lack of variety in food pairings. So I am glad to see wines like this being produced in the US, particularly at this great price point. It is definitely not Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot G. I love the variety of whites found in France and Italy and am glad to see it coming to the US. I am ordering for the 3rd time, now, so all good as far as I am concerned.

Now, why can't they do the same for Chablis and Sancerre styles here in the US. Or better yet, Cam, can you please work on deal for these? Would love it!


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Couldn't stand it

The brownish color was my first clue that I had made a mistake in ordering this wine. The second clue was my first taste of it. My wife and I tried to finish a bottle but just couldn't. We gave the rest of the bottles we had ordered to our housekeeper to regift to other people.