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Lot 673 2018 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
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Lot 673 | 2018 Russian River Valley

Pinot Noir

90 pts, Steve Heimoff; Russian River Valley Pinot - need we say more? An exceptionally pretty wine from California's most reputable Pinot-growing region.


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Cam Confidential


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Lot 673: Pinot Noir

We enjoyed this bottle of pinot noir with friends who are big fans of pinot noir wine. I agree with some of the others reviewing this lot that this was not one of the best of the pinot noir lots we have enjoyed, but feel it was a solid bottle of wine.


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Opened this bottle last night, the cork popped like champagne. Should have been my first sign. Tried a sip, was fizzy like a seltzer. Tasted like smoky vinegar And then it went down the drain. First bottle of CH I've been disappointed in.


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This wine was a disappointment. I always Love CH red wines. Perhaps this was just a bad bottle. It had an acidic character that almost felt like effervescence. This over powered the flavor of the wine. Definitely not a silky Pinot Noir.


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not a favorite

This was not our favorite wine to date. We reordered to retry, but really enjoyed other Pinots more than this one.


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I just bought some new Pinot glasses from Riedel and what a difference they made with this wine, absolutely mouth watering.

David Mac

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Hot Pepper Spice!

I found this oddly too spicy for a wine like this. Good value, but not great.


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Solid Pinot

Very solid daily drinker, but not as special as some of the other CH Pinot options.


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Nice Pinot

Great Pinot, Great taste of cherry, would love to buy more you are sold out.


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Love this Pinot

We loved this Pinot Noir! Although like bodied it drink like a 50.00 Pinot. Beautiful noise Would buy this again and again


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A lovely wine