Lot 672 2017 Rogue Valley Chardonnay

Lot 672 | 2017 Rogue Valley


An exceptional Chardonnay from Oregon's lesser-known southwestern Rogue Valley AVA!


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Cam Confidential


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Little to sweet for my taste Like more buttery texture

Have Man

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Light and Bright

I bought this in April and found it in the back of the cooler today. Not my typical Dec wine but an enjoyable mid afternoon wine. The fruit was lighter than I expected based on the write up but the minerality was right on the money. Great with some white cheddar and probably better with a meal.


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A very good Oregon wine. Light taste but the acidity snd oak make this above average.


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Oregon whites seem to be a more refreshing choice when you need a break from from the buttery oaky California chardonnays. This seems like a nice American style chablis. Fairly priced for what you get but not what I would call a diamond in the rough. Well worth trying. A good every day wine on its own. Not something I would pair with food.


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Better than 672 and it costs less too

See my summary. It's probably because of my own personal preference, but I thought this Chard was less oak forward and more balanced. Love it!


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A favorite

This is one of my favorite chards to which I keep finding myself coming back. On the lighter side of the spectrum, allowing it to be a little more refreshing than some chardonnays, but still will a nice body and flavor.


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Different strokes...

My wife and I find ourselves liking the traditional chardonnays less and less. We are increasingly put off by the heaviness of them. The Europeans evidently had this experience long ago and now produce their wonderful, light whites. This Rogue Valley wine is a good step in that direction. Our current favorite "chardonnay".


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A dazzeler

Very pleased with this chardonnay!! The great color predicts the full flavor of this wonderful chardonnay. I might be a little selfish with this one and save it all for myself.


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Good summertime wine

Nice and light on a hot summer night....good everyday sipper.....I will order more


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Good Chardonnay

Good, but not great, chardonnay. Nice structure just a little light for a chardonnay.