Lot 672 2017 Rogue Valley Chardonnay

Lot 672 | 2017 Rogue Valley


An exceptional Chardonnay from Oregon's lesser-known southwestern Rogue Valley AVA!


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Cam Confidential


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Aroma Smelled Wonderful

Upon smelling the aromas of this wine I was very pleased. I let it come to a warmer temperature and then I tasted the wine. The strong acidity was too much for me. I tasted a little banana and little stone fruit but did not care for the strong acidity to it. This wine is not for me. This was the first time ordering from CH I really didn't notice a difference from the store bought wines and this one.


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Great acid fruit balance

Wonderful chard, just great with salmon, chicken with citrus sauce, or even with cream sauce. Balance just fits great with most any food pairing.


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It is a keeper

Love this chardonnay. Refreshing and nice subtle fruit flavors


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Very pleased with this wine

Chardonnay has been my go to wine for a couple decades. This one I truly enjoyed this wine and have ordered it several times!!


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Sneaky good juice

Maybe because of the off the beaten path appellation, I had tempered my expectations for this wine. What a fantastic bottle of juice. Have now ordered it several times. If you like wines that have a great balance between acid and fruit, this one hits those notes perfectly. Great on its own but a really good food wine too.


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Wonderful for Summer relaxing

Crisp, with a nice hint of vanilla cream. Finally we in Pennsylvania can legally access CH wines. I have not been to a PA State Store in months. Thank you CH.


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The description is spot on!!

This is a crisp and delightful wine. Amazingly the description is spot on and it was a delightful accompaniment to the quiche my lovely wife had made for dinner along with oven roasted asparagus.


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I loved this Chardonnay - vanilla and honey nose with sweet pineapple notes. It was light and refreshing, very easy to drink on a summer day.

David Mac

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A Real Rogue's Gallery

I have to be in the right mood, but a smooth, lightly creamy Chard on a warm day is about as good as it gets, and this one fit the bill. I'll be getting more of this beauty while she lasts.


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Usually prefer a more buttery oak Chardonnay, but this one did not disappoint. Nice crisp wine that pairs well with chicken or sipping by the pool on a warm summer evening.