Lot 672 2017 Rogue Valley Chardonnay

Lot 672 | 2017 Rogue Valley


An exceptional Chardonnay from Oregon's lesser-known southwestern Rogue Valley AVA!


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Another great week be

Highly recommended. Great value

Like a couple other whites I just received from CH, interesting Summer option.

I have gotten tired of the California Chardonnays in the $14-20 range - over extracted, highly sweet, no acids, overly Oakes to hide the lack of quality

As a result, I have been mixing in non-California wines. I find the WA and OR wines to occupy a good spot between CA and dry French wines.

This is really good - citrus and flint, with acidity. Great value


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An antidote for Chardonnay fatigue

Anything but flabby and over-oaked. Subtle fruit, great acidity, and a pleasing touch of salinity. Glad I have another bottle or two!


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Good wine

A very good wine for the cost. I enjoyed it a great deal.


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Delicious Chard

A lighter chard with great taste and balance. Definitely will be buying more


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Creamy Chard!

Wow! A really delicious wine. Certainly one of my favorite CH Chards. If a Chard can be creamy but not buttery, this is it. Plus lovely notes of honeysuckle, a touch of citrus, maybe a hint of freshly cut grass. And with the trademark CH nose, which is exquisite. At this price, who can resist? I'll be buying more.


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Balanced & Bright

The Rogue Valley may not be on your radar yet, but just wait! I couldn't wait to try this chardonnay because I've been to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival many times, and because one needs a break from play after play I made sure we saw a lot of Rogue River Valley wineries. I could not guess which one this Lot 672 was from, but I sure liked its breezy character. This is one chardonnay I like well-chilled - add it to your picnic basket along with a book of sonnets and a blanket and head for a meadow near you!


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Worth Way More

This is a better than average chardonnay , I decanted for an hour and chilled for 15 minuets , it was great.


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Every day wine, good quality but not very special

Every day wine, good quality but not very special. A good "recreational" wine.


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Good ‘anytime’ wine.

Surprising lite, quite enjoyable, wine.


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i do not like buttery chardonnays. and this wine fills the bill. however, surprisingly, this tastes more like a sauvignon blanc than a chardonnay. to me, there is a very minute taste of chardonnay grape. it really tastes like a sauvignon blanc. in fact, i had to double check the label after my sip. so, if you desire a sb like wine, it's very good. if expecting a non-buttery chardonnay, you may be disappointed.