Lot 669 2014 Santa Rita Hills Chardonnay

Lot 669 | 2014 Sta. Rita Hills


A phenomenal small lot of shiners from one of the best Chardonnay growing regions in the US. Get this while you can!


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Cam Confidential


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Lot 669 Santa Rita Chardonnay

We drink mostly Pinot's from this region but really enjoyed this tasty chardonnay. Nice crisp and refreshing and especially food friendly!!!


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Reviews & Product Overview are Spot On!

I couldn't describe this any better than the other 5 star reviews which align with the Product Overview. Wonderful both chilled and room temp and paired well with a savory appetizer and the main course.

Jim Y

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Bad Bottle

I think I got a bad one on this wine unfortunately. Aroma is pungent, some sulfur, slight apple notes. Flavor is bright, with lemon zest, slight apple note, but has an assertive vinegar note. Had to dump this one after tasting enough for the review.


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Amazing value for $18

It's quite simple. When I drink this wine, I think I'm drinking a $35 white wine. Buy it now.


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I bought a case of this based on Cam's description alone. Although I really enjoy oaked chards, I am thoroughly enjoying this wine. A definite difference, high minerality, lots of citrus fruits and a fantastic wine for anytime but especially the summer months coming up. I'm glad I ordered a case.


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Big Enough

Sometimes I like a big, fruit-forward California Chard, and sometimes I just want the refreshing minerality of a French white burgundy - and this is the latter, for sure. My one bottle paired very well with halibut. I haven't had many wines from Santa Rita Hills, so I don't know what to compare this to, but it sounds like we'll be seeing much more of this AVA from CH. Yay!


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Should be $40.00

I bought two and finished both quickly (with a little help) This one will go fast , order now !


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Didn’t like it at all..I have opened 3bottles they all taste coked


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A winner with a Burgundy feel and taste

A winner with a Burgundy feel and taste, this is wine to pair with food.


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Good ....not oaky/buttery, if that's what you're looking for

While I like this wine, I lean toward oaky, buttery Chardonnays. This is more crisp and tart. Still an enjoyable wine.