Lot 666 2016 Calistoga Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 666 | 2016 Calistoga

Cabernet Sauvignon

Our biggest release of the year! It's all here, folks - top rated 2016 vintage, estate vineyard sourcing, superstar winemaking team, incredible pedigree, and most importantly, unbeatable quality for price.


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Cam Confidential


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Excellent with Prime Rib

Paired with prime rib for Christmas dinner. Big and bold, this one really complemented the beef!


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Lot 666 is the ultimate value. Bold, excellent Calistoga Cabernet what a deal! Wish I would have purchased more.


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Big and Bold

Super tasty and I regret not buying more. This wine reminded me of a man I dated in college. He was fun, exciting and I enjoyed seeing him all the time. ...Just like this wine. Angie's Choice Wine Blog on FB


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Excellent Cab

Bought a case with the thought of having a few bottles for Christmas dinner. Now hoping that we’re able to manage our dwindling stock to make sure we have bottles left, not just a bottle. Great tasting Cab. Thanks to CH!


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Bought Four

Great rich tasting cab. Leaves a lasting flavor. My only regret ( I didn't buy more )


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Your suggestion is spot on

Dark rich and red, what can be better. Shared with friends during Thanksgiving. Everyone raved about this. Too bad it is now out of stock


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too bad it is out of stock

I bought 6 bottles of this as soon as it was released. By the time I opened a bottle and tasted it was already out of stock. So for those of you that missed it...this is a great full bodied cab and well worth the money. If CH gets more, I will be a buyer.


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A gem!

Another outstanding cab from Cam! Like others I only ordered 3 bottles originally and am sorry for it now. Full-bodied with a great lasting finish. What a value!


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Repeat, Just Superb!!

Just Superb!!


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The other reviews have nailed this wine, esp in my opinion the review titled "Rock Solid." My only complaint is that there was so little of it! Wish I had purchased more than 3 bottles! This one illustrates a valuable lesson: if Cam says it's amazing, it's amazing and you had better buy a bunch of it!