Lot 665 2015 Coombsville Meritage

Lot 665 | 2015 Coombsville


A tremendous opportunity to own a first-class Coombsville Red Wine from a $100+ program.


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Get it!

Rich, full bodied beauty. Definitely benefitted with a Decant. Will happily repurchase!


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Full bodied masterpiece

This wine was a big bruiser when first opened but smoothed out with time. The next day it gave up mouth coating flavors with balanced tannins to keep it healthy for years to come. The nose is just starting to open up but it's great after s few hours if you don't finish the wine by then. Definitely not your average marriage!


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Amazing steak wine!

Full bodied, lush, and ripe. I feel like Coombsville wines have this amazingly unique tannin quality that you can't find anywhere else in Napa. A bit on the richer side with a pretty white flower note to the nose and palate, and a bit of red clay. Loads of ripe strawberry, blue berry, and black cherry. There aren't many herbal qualities but it definitely hits some floral notes. Ample acidity prevents the wine from feeling flabby at all. Total bang for your buck and it'll be fun to try this again with a little bit more age.


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Smooth and balanced

Am always up for a CHW Meritage. In my experience, Lot 665 will benefit tremendously from either decanter time or cellar time. I say this because my overall level of enjoyment was significantly better on Day 2 than when I popped and poured, and consumed throughout the first evening along with Lots 666 and 662. Day 2 primary finding was richer, more concentrated juice - bringing this wine into my preferred dance space.