Lot 664 2016 Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon

Lot 664 | 2016 Rutherford

Cabernet Sauvignon

An incredible Rutherford Cabernet from a superstar vintage. Compare at $125/bottle


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Cam Confidential


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Wow- a great cab

This cabernet is a great wine especially at this price. Recommended!


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Ordering more now

This is one of the best that I have had in a long time. Reminds me of a cab from a Rutherford winery that also starts with C that I can't afford...


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Love this wine. So drinkable right now.

I do not know all the correct words to describe this wine, but It was the most satisfying and deliciously drinkable wine I have had in a long time. At 82 years old, I don’t have time to wait 20 years to drink it. I’m drinking it now and loving every minute of it. Equal to wines 3-4 times its price.


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Buy it before it’s gone

Big, bold and smooth. One of Cam’s finest. Gets bigger with an hour or two of decanting.


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I tried one of these in a mixed case but let it sit in the rack until Christmas- gave it a 2 hour decant and I have to say it was one of the best wines I've had in a long time! Certainly my favorite of the year. Fortunately it was still available and I was able to order another half case. On a rating of 1-5, I give this a 6.


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Not the first to say it’s a competitor for the #1 spot

Mouthful of dark, juicy fruits. Sweet, huge flavor and a smell you can fall into. Just killer.


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This will be taking over for our previous favorite 606!


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A delightful full bodied cab! Plenty of tannins to keep this bottle aging well. Loved it!


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Great Value

This is our favorite Cab this year.


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Great Value

Big fan of the Rutherford district and this wine, like most of Cam’s, outperforms expectations. Would easily cost significantly more elsewhere for a wine of this quality. Enjoyed immensely.