Lot 663 2016 Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon

Lot 663 | 2016 Rutherford

Cabernet Sauvignon

A fabulous Rutherford Cabernet from a fabulous vintage - you won't want to miss this. Compare at $125/bottle.


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Cam Confidential


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Let it rest

Great rewards will come to those with the patience to let this rest for awhile.


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This is it!

It took a good 1.5 hour to decant but WOW it opened up!! I love the Rutherford Cabs and the 2016 is certainly different (in a good way) from the previous years. YUM


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A winner, but needs some breathing

My bad! I opened the bottle and immediately poured myself a glass. I was disappointed. I Then waited about a half an hour to pour once again and knew right away things were looking up. This is an extremely well balanced and tasty Cab.


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Nice balance Rutherford Cab.

It's a nicely balanced cab. I really enjoy Rutherford cabs and this is a good one. I received this in my quarterly shipment and took all of them on a three week trip to the southwest. We opened and drank this one with dinner at camp one evening. My wife's first comment was, "Wow! This is good." I ordered more and would like to let it age for at least a year but I doubt that will happen.


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Big wine, still young

Opened it 5 days after receipt. Decanted and 30 minutes later still tight. Has a great bouquet. After 2 hours the black fruits and cedar notes are coming out. Will be a beauty.


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Must buy!

Another fantastic wine from Cam! I’ve yet to buy a wine from here and been disappointed. Wonderful wine and tremendous value!


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Amazing balance; a great value

Seems like everyone is giving this 5 stars... I have to agree! It's really balanced and complex, it's just flavor after flavor as it rolls across the tongue. It's hard to find a wine this complex and balanced for this price. It seems like it will be even better in a couple years... I bought a case; we'll see how long I can hold out.


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One word: Rutherford

Rutherford Cabernets are by far my favorite. This one is a great value at the price point. Very drinkable now and will only get better as time passes

Florida Bill

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Another Winner

Another great 600 series wine from Rutherford that is wonderful to drink now (after a short decant), or you can cellar it if you can keep your hands off of it. A well balanced wine with dark fruit, flint and soft tannins. Drinking a glass now with a medium rare fillet...what a life!


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Rutherfords are my favorite

Always a fan of the Rutherford wines CHW has to offer. This is an exceptional wine. I decanted then recanted and let it sit for about an hour and it was very approachable. Was fantastic the second day (if you can wait that long). Of the two 663 and 664, I prefer the 664 but both are great . There is a lot of flavors hidden in this gem. I think I will hold this for a while and to let some of the tannins calm down slightly. Don't get me wrong it is very drinkable now but I am still enjoying some the 2014s CHW has to offer.