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Lot 660 2016 Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

Lot 660 | 2016 Red Mountain

Cabernet Sauvignon

Our first blockbuster Cabernet release of the 2018 Fall season. The Reserve Cabernet offering from the same producer as our fabulously popular Lot 575 Red Blend!


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Cam Confidential


54 Reviews Total


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Needs time

Nice color, but the bouquet is reserved right now, and it tastes quite young to me. I'd give a few years to settle down and gain some weight, when it should be a nice wine.


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Bold Cab with a full body taste!


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Just OK for an every day red

This is a weak wine in my opinion. The nose was not impressive and the taste and aftertaste were weak. I will not be buying this in the future.


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Just okay

I opened this wine last night and let it decant for 2 hours. It was still very dry. I wish I would have saved it for a year or so - I think it just needs some
time. It was still okay but know it would have been better later.


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Great wine

Nice wine


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Let it sit.

I decanted this wine for about four hours. It opened up and was perfect from start to finish. It went very well with our pasta dish. I would purchase it again and let it rest for a couple years.


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Least Favorite

I was very excited when I saw this Cab from the same maker as Lot 575. I ordered 6 bottles and am not impressed. I gave the first one a pass because it was opened shortly after shipping. It has had almost a year of resting in my cellar and the wine has not improved. Kind of bummed they sent me an extra bottle in the most recent wine club.


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Very Nice Washington State Cab

This nice cab came in my quarterly wine club shipment. I always drink those wines within a few weeks of receiving them. This wine was good right out of the bottle but letting breathe a while really brought more to the palate. It does pour dark in the glass and offers plenty to enjoy on the palate. About the right amount of tannins, great and a smooth finish. I'll order more and let it sit for a while. I'm sure this wine will get better and better with age.


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Very good cabernet

Smooth with a great finish. Fruit forward and nice peppery end. Best of the 4 or higher rated bottles of Cab I have tried thus far.


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Very good WA cab, still young

Perhaps its young (despite long decant) or perhaps I was overeager, given how much I loved Lot 575 (a Cab Sauv-heavy 2014 blend). So, while very good, not a favorite at this point.