Lot 658 2016 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Lot 658 | 2016 Napa Valley

Sauvignon Blanc

A "shiner" Lot from the heart of Napa Valley, and an exceptionally pleasing, balanced wine.


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Cam Confidential


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Clean & Complex

I just want to bring my sleeping bag and camp between the rows of this great Napa grape as I take in the terroir under the stars! I probably won't get away with that, so I'll have to settle for imagining what fun it would be while I content myself with this excellent wine. Sauv Blanc is a favorite of mine, and this mystery 658 hits every note from nose to finish. Lovely citrus fruits with just a hint of honeydew melon and balanced acidity make this easy to pair with food too.


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Good value

Nice Sauvignon Blanc. Overall, I prefer Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc's, this a good wine.


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5 Stars

Wonderful SB!!


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Love this wine

Paired this SB with a chicken pesto pasta dinner for a marvelous experience! Very nice citrus tones.


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A white that will not disappoint

I keep waiting to find a lot to disappoint...not a chance with Cameron Hughes..this is a refreshing clean crisp white. Perfect for warmer temps and accompanied grilled fish magnificently


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Great summertime drink

Love the crispy flavors


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A convert!

We love the crisp taste of a good Sauvignon blanc and this wine is exactly that! We used to buy only SB's from New Zealand but have converted to this one. It is clean and refreshing, everything we like in a white wine.


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A wonderful wine

A Sauvignon Blanc fan. This wine is fantastic. The taste profile is maintained from start to finish. And the profile is light, flavorful, refreshing, clean, dry. Perfect with a cheese and fruit plate, or simply sipping on the patio. Will not find a Sav Blanc this good at this price, anywhere.


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Always Summertime

It is a great summer drinking wine. Crisp and refreshing. I feel as though just sampling this wine regularly will extend the summer season. A great value once again.


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Good summer drinker.

Good summer drinker, light drink for the hot weather.