Lot 655 2017 Arroyo Seco Chardonnay
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Lot 655 | 2017 Arroyo Seco


Our all time #1 best selling white wine series - perfect for any and every occasion.


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Nice Surprise

Chardonnay is not my first choice, so I was delighted by this Arroyo Seco. Full and buttery without being overbearing. Nice acidity & balance.


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ABC you say

Many in my family say Anything but Chardonnay, which is great, because more for the wife and I. Oh yes, we say, too buttery and Oak-ey, you would not like it...surprising we always hesitate to buy this each year and then when we do, quickly buy more before it sells out! You have to spend a lot, like Rombauer price to get a wine this nice and drinkable.


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A pleasant, smooth and buttery wine that goes well with or without food.

Enjoyed this with family over the holidays and many accolades were voiced. Too bad it is out of stock!


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I do like the taste with the lemony citrus and butter. Goes with about anything. I prefer a little heavier though.
I would probably order again.


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Ok, but not my favorite from CH


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Always Reliable Arroyo Seco

Every Arroyo Seco Lot that is released has been a great value and reliable to be a pleasant imbibation. This one is not a disappointment.


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We have been drinking Arroyo-seco for a couple of years. 655 is an amazing Chardonnay. Cannot wait for the next one.


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One of your best.

Guests love it and I love it. Will keep ordering more.


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Amazing Chardonnay for this price. Smooth, buttery, amazing with seafood. Must have plenty of this on hand!


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Crowd Pleaser

Bought a bottle of this for the holidays. My mother, who normally doesn't drink Chardonnay, took one sip, thought for a second, then said "pass me that bottle". Very smooth wine.