Lot 654 2018 Rías Baixas Albariño
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Lot 654 | 2018 Spain


Spain's greatest white wine, straight from the historical birthplace of Albariño. Born of granitic, alluvial soils in the heart of Rías Baixas.


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Very good

First time trying this variety. Notable acidic taste that quickly disappears. Enjoyable.


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I had it chilling since it’s arrival before I read it should be aged so I had already dedicated to the process. In a moment of distraction I grabbed it instead of the other bottle I had chilling, so it was chilled to serve. As soon as I uncorked it the aroma let me know I was in for a crisp light treat. It had sweet notes but a light dryness. It’s an easy sipper. I was not eating with it but I could see it paired with a salad or cheese plate. It has a very trace citrus and honey hint. Slightly floral. I really enjoyed it for a casual glass on a late spring evening.


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Not my facorite

Unfortunately I did not enjoy this wine. It was a little heavy and buttery for my taste. It reminded me more of a Chardonnay. I’m
Sure it’s a good wine just not for me.

Steve J

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My Go To White Wine

I discovered Albarino over 15 years ago while travelling. The wine is a perfect accompaniment to seafood and drinks well on its' own. The CH offering is one of the better ones I've had a in a long time. The flavors are good and the wine is crisp and refreshing. Good acidity, a hint of the sea, interesting minerality and nice citrus make this one a winner!


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Awesome summertime wine


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a lovely white wine

I really enjoy this crisp and clean white wine - not too acidic and not too sweet! It is divine with food and as a stand alone glass of wine. I will buy more for the summer months ahead!


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A pleasant white. Different from other CH offerings and a welcome addition to our cellar.


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Probably should have aged this wine as recommended, but paired it with a paella instead. It was pleasant, but didn’t really stand up to the strongly flavored food. My mistake. On its own, the wine was crisp and pleasant, but not a favorite.


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This wine doesn’t disappoint. Great for a summer night.


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Light and refreshing

Wonderful on the nose with aromas of pear, apple, lemons and light floral notes. Slight vanilla notes and baked bread. Palate is high acidity, medium body with flavors of lemons, pear and apple. Palate did not match the aromas but still a very enjoyable wine.