Lot 654 2017 Rías Baixas Albariño

Lot 654 | 2017 Spain


Spain's greatest white wine, straight from the historical birthplace of Albariño. Born of granitic, alluvial soils in the heart of Rías Baixas.


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Discover a new varietial

Since albariños are relatively scarce stateside, this is a great opportunity to try a new varietal. I concur with the other reviewers in that this bottle is more mineral, than fruit forward. If you are a sav. blanc fan and want to try something different, try this. It will pair perfectly with most seafood. I can't find a similar bottle near me for less than $20, so this is a great value. Wish I bought a few more.


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All that's missing is a view of the Salnés Valley!

You can close you eyes and really get a sense of place with Lot 654. With any seafood, but particularly ceviche, this Albariño delights! The minerality is such a refreshing contrast to the more fruit-forward whites I usually drink. doubt I'll keep any long enough to see how it ages.


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My new favorite

Wonderful minerality, goes great with shellfish.


Fresh and minerally

Lovely Albariño, fresh and minerally, a delight with seafood, especially shrimp. And though the notes say you can age it through 2024, I prefer this grape young...the latest year if possible (and that's what this was when I drank it. And at a great price.


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Fantastic Albarino!

Wow - a fantastic albarino, especially at this price point. We had it with a fish dish the other night and it was a perfect complement. I always prefer an albarino with a nice minerality and this was perfect.


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Crisp, great value

Crisp white wine is always delicious and this Albarino doesn't disappoint either. At the price, definitely worth it!


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This is a perfectly clear, balanced and crisp white wine with a nice mineral finish - I'm only sad I discovered it at the END of the summer instead of before!


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Another great discovery. Very enjoyable sipper; nicely balanced. Would definitely buy again.


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This has become our favorite white offered by CH. We love the vibrant citrus notes balanced with a distinctive mineral finish. Yet another wine that encouraged two more friends to join CH. An exceptional wine and value.


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Extraordinary value - a perfect summer wine that is remarkable for its crispness, citrus notes, and price.