Lot 651 2016 Red Hills Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lot 651 | 2016 Red Hills

Cabernet Sauvignon

200 cases of volcanic, high-altitude Cabernet from a boutique producer.


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Cam Confidential


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Cellar it, if you Got it.

Bought a few. Tried the first with a decent decant. The blackberry fruit is delicious and very prominent. I will most certainly cellar the rest.


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Cellar it

Bought a few bottles with the intent of holding them for 2 years....still good with a long decant but will be even better next year... if I can hold out!


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Be sad you missed it

Needs time in the cellar, or time out in the open before you get the good stuff. It appears to be out of stock at this point, I am so glad I bought my 2nd and 3rd case of it before it was gone.


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Delicious - Great Value!

I agree with other reviewers that note this bottle needs some time in the decanter to reach its potential. Actually, I enjoyed the remainder of the bottle on the second day (used my ETO to preserve it) and it was wonderful with our steak dinner. I'll try and let the remaining 5 bottles sit in my cellar for a while.


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1st bottle.

About an hour on an open bottle before tasting.
Needs more air time!
Getting some cherry and dust with a hint of white flowers on the nose.
Quite muscular, sucking me into the glass.
On the pallet.... Raspberry infused acidity, (this might fruit forward nicely in a year)....strong noticeable tannins leaving behind some dark stone, dark cherry, and herbs with faint oak and cocoa showing through at the end.
Needs to age a year, but I have no will power, so I will open the rest in the coming month :)


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Good every day wine.

Only bought one bottle, probably should have cellared it for another six months or so to let the tannins soften out a bit.


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Excellent wine for the price

What a delight! A very good 'go to' wine. Glad I bought more before it all sold out.


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Drinkable with a soft finish

This is a very drinkable wine with a nice soft finish. It should be aired out a little before drinking, but it pairs very well with a steak or beef dish. Very enjoyable for the price point. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.


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Awesome Stuff!

Lake County Cabernet for such a low price!?!?!! Needs some air at this young age, or a bunch of cellaring. Great Value!


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Excellent Product

I'm so pleased with this wine. And what a deal at $15!!!
If there was more I would jump at it. Glad I have 5 bottles left.