Lot 651 2016 Red Hills Cabernet Sauvignon

Lot 651 | 2016 Red Hills

Cabernet Sauvignon

200 cases of volcanic, high-altitude Cabernet from a boutique producer.

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Cam Confidential


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Good every day wine.

Only bought one bottle, probably should have cellared it for another six months or so to let the tannins soften out a bit.


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Excellent wine for the price

What a delight! A very good 'go to' wine. Glad I bought more before it all sold out.


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Drinkable with a soft finish

This is a very drinkable wine with a nice soft finish. It should be aired out a little before drinking, but it pairs very well with a steak or beef dish. Very enjoyable for the price point. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.


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Awesome Stuff!

Lake County Cabernet for such a low price!?!?!! Needs some air at this young age, or a bunch of cellaring. Great Value!


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Excellent Product

I'm so pleased with this wine. And what a deal at $15!!!
If there was more I would jump at it. Glad I have 5 bottles left.


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Good, but not as good as Bin 540

It is a pretty good wine at this price point.
A little less body and a little more tannin at the start.
Nothing robust here.
After some air time it will be smooth, but will not get more muscle.
Compared to 540 (in my range) it will be second place.


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A Superb Dinner Wine

We have really enjoyed this with a number of different dinners we've had it with Pasta, we've had it with At, we had it was Shish Kabobs and as I've been good every single time this is a great buy and a great wine. And we wouldn't have our very last dinner we had it with rotisserie chicken and the nice bite of the spice on the chicken with the wine was absolutely superb.


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Great for the money

I’ve had my share from the appellation over the years; this one is as good as any I’ve had and, at CH Wines price, a great value. Give it a couple hours of air if you’re impatient. Otherwise, I’m thinking 5+ years from now, it’ll be sublime.


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Lovely little cab

I as very pleased with this wine. It is a wonderful, ready to drink cab at a great price. Medium bodied, pleasant bouquet and yummy. Great value!


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Give this one some room...

I really liked this wine. Popped a bottle a couple of days after receiving... I keep forgetting to give the bottles at least a week or two to settle down before drinking. That said, after giving it some breathing room (couple of hours), it opened up so I could taste where this wine is going, which should be a very good place indeed, especially for the price.